“They forced me to do it. I swear, I didn’t want, I didn’t want, I didn’t want. But the white masks were all around and looked at us. I didn’t want but Frick was dead and Half Brain was dead and Jenoah was dead and we were just me and my husband … only one could come in they say … and he was hurt … he would not have done it anyway … for the Flame I swear ! I didn’t want it, I didn’t want it, I didn’t want it! “

– Hannah, Citizen of Rad City

“Here’s the story. Ten of you will come with us tomorrow. We will take you 5 miles from the beginning of the Jones family. The first one who comes back with a bottle of Old Man’s Moon Juice will have access to the city. How do you say? The second one? There will be no second. Good day.”

– Nomad Nine, TraumaSoldat

“Citizens … bleed!”

– Heston Moses, Mayor of Rad City

Bleeding is the cruel access test to become a citizen of Rad City. Administered by the inflexible Trauma Korps, are used to prove the physical and mental strength of those who want to join the renowned city.


Heston Moses had a dream, Carter Dallas shared it: Humanity had to resist. Rad City had all it needed to become the hub of new civilization, except one thing, Citizens. It was not possible to secure access to anyone, because it would be chaos. As rightly noticed the King of Commerce, it was not far away to provide food and accommodation for everyone. In addition, most of the survivors were useless: weakened by radiation, crazy by the sun, unable to adapt to normal life or simply too wicked. They had to be scrapped … but how? Fostering members of one Faction would have been risky: firstly belonging to a specific deployment didn’t guarantee particular qualities, and also risked protests, rebellions and attacks. Likewise, taking healthy individuals from the more isolated Outposts would not work, creating a soft society that would easily be overcome without the help of Trauma Korps, a group of children more than men. It was not possible to exclude Mutants as their growing number, but at the same time most of them were far inferior to healthy human beings. Soon the two men realized that there would be no simple or peaceful solution: Rad City would be born into the blood.


It was Malabranca, the mysterious leader of Seraglio, to conceive the ideal solution, something that initially divided Moses and Dallas, but eventually both men accepted. When the summoning masses arrived at Rad City, attracted by the promise of well-being and protection of the Korps, they faced a scenario that was far from welcoming. The gates of the city were in fact controlled by the Trauma, equipped with Realweapons and deployed to hundreds, ready to block and register the aspiring Citizens. Soon, it became clear to everyone that, to enter the city, they would have to pass a test, rather hard tests. Some resigned and went back, but in a very small number: they were Postworld’s inhabitants, their daily lives were dead and desperate, what could they ever invent these Trauma that they had not already faced and beaten? Obviously they had no idea. Bleeding was a complex and often violent test, designed to test the potential competences or skills of the questioners. It is impossible to tell how many bleeds there are, and even though there are a couple of dozen patterns that are repeated regularly, occasionally some particularly bloody or innovative system, just to vary. Not always a bleeding is deadly, though it hardly leaves those who don’t pass it unharmed. However, you can try again if you survive a failed attempt.


Although Moses himself watch as likely as possible the bleed, these are entrusted to Trauma Korps and it is difficult to have the fortune of trying to win citizenship under the direct view of the Mayor. However, Malabranca of the Giudecca is almost never missing. The mysterious leader of the Seraglio is often seen judging the test citizens, with his weird grin on his lips and a strange light in his ice eyes. It now appears to have been known that he has been calling the fierce selection processes, and some say it is for this reason that he continues to stay in the city despite the many envious enmity: the Devil doing what no one else has the courage to support .


Meatgrinder: a great classic always popular. you take a random number of people (usually from ten to twenty), throw some weapons in a tight space and start: who is ultimately the last to stay alive come in Rad City.

Running Man: An increasingly widespread test consists in bringing aspirants out of Rad City and forcing them to come back on foot. During trajectories can be left some traps, or mutilated cannibals can be trapped, leaving flesh around or blocked with other participants in bleeding, with the task of not letting anyone pass.

Dog eat Dog: a pair of competitors and some hungry dogs are locked in a cage, maybe hungry for a couple of weeks. If men survive enter the city, if they win the dogs they make a nice lunch.

Time Heals Nothing: Well appreciated to test the skills of self-employed physicians or doctors: Trauma shoots competitors and sees if they are able to cure themselves. The pain and shock of being struck by a Realweapon make this test very difficult to overcome.

Hope is a Mistake: a psychological test, conceived by Malabranca itself. It takes a group of aspirants and is told that there is no need for proof for them. Then when they are less than a hundred yards from the door, they cried to the crowd of people waiting for those who succeed in killing them will have their place. If they can shoot fast enough or open the road, they’re in.

One Hot Minute: The Trauma give a Realweapons to a particularly violent indole competitor and tells him he has a minute to decide whether to shoot him, take his equipment and run away with the booty. The weapon is obviously discharged. If the weapon is not pointing to Trauma, the test is overdue at the expiration of the minute, otherwise the competitor will be killed.

Doctor Feelgood: a variant of Time Heals Nothing, in which 19 potentially lethal drugs are delivered to the doctor and a WakeUp in bottles all the same. If the physician will be able to save himself by recognizing the medicine, he will have passed the test.

Another Brick in the Wall: The competitor is walled alive with a small hammer as the only tool to get out. There is no time limit to get rid of it.


If you are a Rad City PG, you have already faced your bleeding successfully. You can inspire the tests described above or invent one you, within the limits of plausible (No one has ever beaten a Trauma in combat, for example). During Live you can tell your bleeding or you may even be asked, so try to be ready. Obviously implausible or absurd bleeding could cause the Trauma to think that you are a liar …