“Fighting mutants is like getting rid of thinking about water: just a fool would do it. They exceed the number per thousand to one, and only for those we know. The Ardents can say what they want but believe me, friend … they will be, not us, to inherit the world. “

– Finn of Laser Leopards, Landseeker

“The sign of the mutation must be executed. Kill those who show resentment vile, despise those who bear the symbol of a deceitful life. For some of them, carbonizing the infected limbs will simply redeem them, but most will only burn. In doubt, prepare the fire. “

– Father Ulysses Kataphron, Curch of Internal Self Combustion

“I was born with four fingers in one hand. So? Judge for what I will do with these hands, not for their shape. “

– Wedge Quattrodita, a Ferrox citizen

Mutants, also called Changed, Mutats, Genejoke or with hundreds of other epithets, are the result of the terrible level of radioactivity that now infects the Postworld. Due to years of exposure to terrible climates, ingestion of food and water, and a virtually absent treatment of diseases, are the vast majority of what remains of humanity.


In practical terms, it is a person whose body has been significantly altered by radiation. Unfortunately, in the dominant ignorance of the Postworld, it is enough, very little to be considered such. Most of the Mutants properly referred to mainly show a ruined skin and constantly suppurating wounds that never heal, called “Caries of Curie” from the cult of the Saint. However, simple malformations, common in humanity even before the disaster, are enough to be considered such as: harelip, fingers, dumbbells or dwarfism are all signs of mutation for those who live in the Vastness. Even the symptoms of diseases such as gout and leprosy are obviously confused with the radioactivity sign except for Gulag’s most experienced doctors. Unfortunately for mankind, the mutation is passed on from father to son: it is enough for a single impure parent to produce, with almost certainly possibility, a mutant son. To this is added that most births still cause deformed or dead children, making the Postworld ever more a mutant nation. Some mutants are not unpleasant to the sight, but they have more insidious genetic deviations: impaired minds, different colored blood or internal organs moved, either absent, or double. This kind of mutant is more capable of hiding its diversity, and in some cases it is completely unaware. Lastly, there are the most radical and terrible changes that occur fortunately only in sporadic cases, real unbearable that have few or nothing of human: extra arms, reptile eyes, gigantism, skin wrinkled and abortion wings are some of these horrors. The life expectancy of a Mutant is not appreciably lower than a normal human (that is, quite low), but some Outpost detest them, and even tolerate their presence marginalize them in areas reserved to them and share with them only the rejects. For this reason, many mutants prefer live in Vastness, where they find comfort in the exterminated and often tragically violent bands populating the wildest area of ​​the Postworld. These mutant groups, often known as the Fool Myriad, are one of the greatest dangers and often cause the destruction of Outpost: more a group increases in number, the more incestuous relationships and the madness increase, making them increasingly violent and animalistic, little more than a human tornado of sick meat determined to kill and eat all it meets.


Most of the factions have learned to accept mutants in their own ranks, mainly because their number is so high that it would be impossible to do the opposite: the cult of Saint Curie is obviously the greatest supporter of the cause of these unfortunate, because every member possesses some mutation more or less obvious. Even the Brides, who argue that the unity of the Sisters should be put on top of any aspect, are generally friendly to Mutants. Seraglio, Hyenas, Rhapsody and Landseeker are totally indifferent to the problem, judging their members for the skills and not for an unlucky birth. The Iris considers them fascinating and often helps them to accept their diversity through the pain of their group, while the Gulag accepts also Mutant doctors, determined more than anyone else to understand and counteract the negative consequences of their same malformations. Poor intellectual mutants also serve as good nurses. Not all Factions are so kind, however: the Prebellum and the Church of the Curch of Internal Self Combustion despise them openly, since for the first they are the symbol of everything that is gone wrong from the time of the Last War while the second are the real enemy of every mutation. Their goal, clear and simple, is to purify with fire their filths.


The mutants that succeed during the Bleedings are well accepted to Rad City, even if they aren’t too much if compared with “normal” people that pass through the gates of the city. Maybe the bleedings are though with the purpose to kill almost all the mutants? Is it a case? Or the majority of the mutants avoid to take part to them? This is still a mystery…


In the setting of RaD, the players can choice to play a mutant using good prosthesis and makeup. Every kind of mutations, it will not have direct effects in game (so it will not change your skill giving you bonus or malus) but the other players will interact with you basing their reaction on their factions and BG. Someone will love you and someone else will hate you….hardly you will not noticed.