SECTOR 7F – Faraway Outpost – Contended territory between Slaughter and Navarro Nomads

The “surgeon” looks at his patient on the marble bed, nothing more uncomfortable in the Postworld. Sedation is taking effect, a mix of volatile benzodiazepines and carbon monoxide, in practice you would first aspire to the exhaust gases of a vehicle in the LastWorld, the difference is whether you want to wake up or not.

The man firmly adores the mechanical prosthesis, calling his young assistant: “Tell me now, Esteban, what do you think? It took me seven days to build it. It was not easy to match extensions with mechanical phalanxes, but in the end I was able to do it. Sure, he will have 4 short fingers and a beveled index, but this is perfection considering the pieces he has brought me. “

Esteban, the young subcontractor over the age of 20, answers: “Doc, it seems perfect, if I do not have any idea how he intends to attack this crazy arm. I would put the stump on, this stuff weighs and costs very much. Think, he even gave us 50 cases of RAD City. I’ve heard that they are worth a lot on the black market. “

Brad, the “surgeon” of Faraway Outpost, looks at his curious apprentice: “Do you means RAD City’s cases? Interesting. So let’s do it all, I’ve already committed the whole amount into a container of waste materials from Micenae, smuggled obviously, new ones would cost too much. Now, take the scalpel and repeat my movements on that corpse, I’m going to strike this handsome young man. “

Quick movements, precise enough to not cut arteries and blood vessels on the surface, the scalpel moves sinuously opening a gap on the wound, now healed, of the stump on the left arm of the patient.

Brad recalls Esteban’s attention, with a precise description of the actions he is doing. The young man remembers the mentor’s best moves, trying not to shred the arm of that dead mutant corpse: “The secret is in the thumb and back of the Esteban hand, so continue until you find the biceps . Now, see, clamp the artery and pull out the muscular bundle … here’s how you see it is a nice muscle, resistant. Take the scalpel and pull out, 3 cm in length, or no less, 5 sections for the corresponding 5 mechanical extension bays. If you are wrong here, the patient will not be able to perform any coordinated movement. Once the flaps are prepared, count them three times, pour the biological adhesive into a bowl and begin to join the muscles at the prosthesis. “

The surgeon seriously and cautiously proceeds to join the muscular component from the patient with the mechanical part of the prosthesis. Each section of the biceps is bonded chemically and sutured to each single piece of steel. The entire structure is then reinforced with the insertion of other muscle straps to support excessive traction that may detach the prosthesis from the owner’s arm.

“Here, a damn satisfactory job. We have sutured the 5 anchor points, welded the supports, now we’re going to cross the spiral, the entire muscle left, and our lovely young man from tomorrow will be able to walk around with a new arm. “

A few minutes later, the patient, again awake and stunned, begins to look around …

“Mr. Simmons! Welcome back to us, the intervention was a success, of course, the aesthetics leaves a bit to wish I know, but besides, here at Faraway Outpost we always point to practicality! “

The young Simmons, incredulously, looks at his new arm and begins to run some test moves. The prosthesis does its duty, a smile begins to emerge on the slaughtered face of the slave escaped from Slaughter: “Now I just have to dress it with human skin and I will be fully satisfied! I’ve heard that at RAD City there is a clinic run by true doctors, I have to get to that city at any cost. “

Brad looks at his patient, suddenly has a brilliant idea: “Oh, Mr. Simmons, you will need quick legs, if you wants to replace those too, for a reasonable figure I mean! 100 cases of RAD City for both. You will not feel any sense of fatigue. “

The slave falls prey to the most unbridled and empty enthusiasm on the operating table, the inside of a backpack that has seen better days: “All right, here it is! these are 110 cases, keep them all! “

Esteban falls asleep again, and unbelievably, Brad fixes curiously, “Doc, but we never stuck legs to someone! How do you proceed ?! “

The “surgeon” shakes the scalpel in his hands and exclaims: “I know my dear Esteban, for this reason we will cut these flaccid legs and experience what happens to Mr. Simmons once implanted with these prototypes! It will be fun!”

Think well of what you ask to replace. Especially who you ask. Being pioneers in the Second World, is not always the same as survival. You could ask Simmons and he would confirm it … he has some trouble to talk about it, now that he is buried in an anonymous tomb outside Faraway Outpost.

NOTE OG: Dear citizen, there are some limitations in the use of mechanical prostheses. These limitations are mandatory. If you don’t comply, the prosthesis you want to bring into play will not be accepted and consequently you will not be able to use it.

– The prosthesis is a scenic element that as such will be screened, with unquestionable judgment, by the head of the costumes Alessio Peruzzi.

– For each playable character, only ONE prosthesis SHALL BE USED (You will then have ONE ONLY arm, right or left, with prosthesis of your choice). You can alternatively use a prosthesis on one of your legs, but this will prevent you from running anymore, and you will have to simulate the difficulty of doing particularly agile actions, such as jumping.

– As can be seen from the story, the prostheses in the Rust and Dust environment do not use ELECTRONIC ELEMENTS or HYPHENACIAL ELEMENTS, but ONLY SIMULATED MECHANICAL ELEMENTS. For example, a typically modified Cyberpunk limb uses the electronic part to coordinate fine hands movements (simulating all the movements a person can do with their hands) and the HYDRAULIC part to greatly increase physical strength of a subject (for example, bend an iron bar, etc.). Therefore, relying only on the MECHANICAL part, you will be able to perform simple movements such as: rotation of the wrist and hand, opening and closing of the fingers to hold relatively large objects. It will be almost impossible, for example: to hold a pen to write, to tie the shoes using the hand under the prosthesis, etc.

The prostheses can therefore bring a lot of play to your PG, but remember that like everything in the Postworld they have a price!