“Freedom is a mistake. Hope is a deception. There is only your task. “

– Attributed to the Tyrant

“I run away. I will never go back. Thousands of dead will be preferable to another one second at the court of the Tyrant. “

– Kristoff Twofingers, a fugitive slave

“He can try.”

– Carter Dallas, Traumakommander, questioned about possible attacks by Slaughter

Slaughter, known as the Red City, is a vast, populated, large-scale outpost, close enough to Rad City to be considered a direct threat to the City. Guided by the apparently immortal Tyrannus, it seems to have the same purpose as Rad City but pursues it in a very different way.


Like many Stable Outposts, Slaughter was originally not a real city but a coal mine. After the end of the Worldgone, the legend wants it to be discovered by Blind Dogs, one of the first Landseeker groups ever existed. Not only did the mine be highly defensible, but also and above all, full of resources and fuels. The machines were put into operation, guaranteeing heat and energy. It soon attracted new people, killing the dangerous ones and hosting the useful ones. Preachers, Mutants, Divorced … all came to Slaughter. At first, the city prospered normally. Then there was a change.


At one point, the city manager, who had once ruled the Blind Dogs, decided that it would make this place the stone on which to base the new humanity. As leader of the Landseeker group, he brought all the citizens into the main square and gave them a choice: joining his new utopia or leaving. Almost everyone accepted. Why should they not have to do it? So far everything had gone well, there was no reason to think that any major change that the great leader had decided to apply would not have improved things. Very few people leave the red city, realizing that there was something bigger than a simple change of procedure. They did not imagine how much they were right.

From one day to the next, it was forbidden to belong to the Factions. All the symbols had to be burned and forgotten. Woe to those who spoke, or worse, prayed to the Saint or the Flames. Moreover, no one was entitled to a name. One by one the inhabitants of the Outpost received a numbered tattoo, their new name. These numbers were apparently random and not sequential, and were imprinted on variable body parts. After that, tasks were assigned. Every man or woman was educated in a single job, often horribly repetitive, how to operate a car or clean a glass. He should have done that, for the rest of his life. No alternative. In return, the city provided two meals a day and security. What was a life-long outpost turned into a few months in a dystopian prison where emotions were stifled and only work was important. No distraction. No opinions. Many tried to rebel, just to be killed without pity. Most decided that giving up freedom was not bad, in exchange for food and hot beds. Here began a new life, and the name of the city was forgotten to give rise to a much more threatening name: Slaughter was born.


As the methods were inhuman, no one could doubt Slaughter’s incredible efficiency and production. Weapons, ammunition, food, soldiers. No Outpost could be considered as equal to power and resources. Over a decade, it had become an impregnable and fortified city, where no one entered without a permit and no one came except with the blessing of the renowned Tyrant. Began to spin voices on him, which seemed always young and strong as the first day. Possible that the radioactive climate did not have any effect on him? His health was due to some trick, or maybe there was more than one Tyrant and kept witnessing? As time went on, it seemed that there was no enemy capable of surpassing Slaughter’s reputation and power. But then Rad City rise.


Rad City was still small and relatively depopulated in comparison to the rival colossus, but had something unique: the Trauma Korps. Even the tyrant didn’t dare to defy the greatest soldiers of the Postworld, despite his Hounds being known to be equally formidable soldiers. Some say there are non-belligerent arrangements between the mayor and the tyrant, ready to jump in the moment that one of the two leaders should catch weakness in the other. Many argue that the aforementioned truce is largely due to the proximity of the Peace of Hyena, with which Slaughter has already had many clashes, and therefore the presence of a third opponent can be used as a deterrent. Others argue that Moses and the Tyrant are the same person, but are considered paranoid idiots. Now that the doors of Rad City are open, who can tell what the Red City people are going to do?


Most of the Red City population consists of numbered slaves, who carry out their perpetual work, waiting for a safe and often violent death. Only inside the palace of the Tyrant life is better: inside the crimson walls is the town court, known as the “Pet cemetery”. Here, lovers and bodyguards of the Tyrant lead a life in luxury and security. Among them are known Elite Warriors called the Tyrant’s Hounds, which some claim to rival the Trauma Korps. Sometimes, from the palace you hear a left but harmonious music, as coming from an organ of unusual dimensions. But who can have created it, and how it is maneuvered, is a mystery.


You can make your PG come from Slaughter, as a fugitive slave or servant of the Tyrant on mission. It will not be an easy task, but it can guarantee you great gaming tips. Remember that human life have no importance to you, but your task … it’s all.