“Are you really that convinced that we are the bad guys? Oh, of course … it’s easy to think that all evil comes from us. But we are not the ones that fucked up the world. How can I know who did it? But I know that the world around me… and it’s a place where you become really strong or you can crawl on the floor hoping someone will show some kind of pity. We do not like crawling, that’s all. We take what we deserve. Is that making us the bad guys? No, that makes us the people and not the cockroaches. “

– Vanessa “the Black”, Assault Trooper

“Prepare the truck. Our lookouts advised us of a small caravan of Brides right here; I recommend you to avoid hitting them in the face or to spoil the goods. The van will serve us then to bring them to the field. Weapons ready my friends … tonight we gain a bit of slaves! “

– Tommy “The Kite”, Slaver

“The lady is very unhappy. The lady hit me hard because I spilled the decanter … stupid! Stupid and useless Ninno! But now Ninno learned ths … Ninno is a good servant and always please his mistress now. The hostess will again be happy of Ninno “

– Ninno, slave (once Nick The Steering Wheel of Metiz’s Dogs)

Many groups, factions or gangs boast of being the worst thing that can happen to an unwary traveler in dangerous and diseased Wastelands. Normally such utterances are taken as vainglory or simple demonstrations of force that can generate ridicule or serious brawls; This does not happen with the Children of Hyena.

Violent and bloody, the Hyenas are proud of the longevity of their group and their ideals of strength that make them very different from the simple and vulgar marauders who infest the Postworld. Each of them sees himself as a fearsome warrior, trained to pillage, fight, but also an important figure of a small expanding empire. From their stronghold of Mount Navarro the Children have expanded their domain battle after battle, with blood and chains; today a lot of Outposts have become part of their empire, the “Peace of the Hyena”, providing lifeblood to a new society based on force, slavery and obedience. This force is dreaded by many and appreciated by those who enter into the good graces of the Marked Ones are able to do business with this prosperous domain.

NAMES: Reservoir Dogs, Hyena Children, the Marked Ones, the Phalanx, Dog’s Pasture (derogatory)


The Hyena label began to appear long ago in the raids and battles; according to the Children, since the dawn of Postworld. Since then the group has been into fighting and internal strifes to become the power it is now. Ruthless and violent, over the years they have made known their name exterminating any other group or band who dared opposing them and the words of their mysterious Effendi. Anyone who does not accept the yoke of Marked Ones was killed or reduced to a slave, ending up more and more to cement the power of the Dominion.

Some say the very birth of the Seraglio occurred to allow more small bands to oppose the force of the Children, when others sustain simply that the Effendi refused to join the Agreement accusing the head of the Jones family of stooping to tighten terms with dogs and mices ; an offense that the Family has not forgotten. Nowadays the Brides, however, are unique among all factions who declares themselves openly hostile to the Marked Ones, continuing into an open war that only in the independent outposts is yeld and turned into a little-concealed hostility.


“We are the next step of Mankind. The old man was weak, soft, made fat by the siren song of the Gone World; the abundance of food, women and wealth was such that the man lived like a fat, worthless pig. But now we are in Postworld. It ‘s the aege of the new man, the age of the Hyena. We are the sons of this reality, we walk in the path of strength, we will destroy and crush all who are foolish enough to dare to oppose our Empire. Tell me, Marked Ones … who has the right of the sweat of his brow? WE HAVE! So take what they deserve with the strength and cleverness, without leaving it to unworthy lower being too weak to possess it. The world is yours “

– Weasley “the blade”, Effendi

“You know Frank … I thought I made myself clear last time right? I brought you fifteen barrels, three truckloads of canned goods, fourteen old easily resalable discs to Rhapsody, four Shockers in good condition and a small flamethrower that surely every Burned One will want. All the spoils of the attack on Green Field. And in return you had to give eight slaves. Am I right Frank? No Frank … do not raise your voice. Trust me. Otherwise I will have to stuck that big knife you are caressing under the counter directly in the eye, while my companions reduce this place to ashes. Good, I hate those who raise their voice unnecessarily. Back to us, eight slaves including three women. I do not care if a foray of Brides has freed the women …. I said eight slaves, not five. I’m sure that they are two different words: eight … five. I will depart from here with eight slaves and we will continue to do big business Frank, amiright? Very well my friend… Do you have a wife and two beautiful daughters. Is it true? See? Then there is no problem…”

– Maria “Crown of Thorns”, Kombrig

Altruism, compassion, mercy. Words that do not exist for a Hyena; according to their understanding, it was the excessive kindness that cause the Gone World people to Create the Postworld. But in this new reality, Hyenas dance to the beat of their own weapons and their own instruments.

Their ideals are simple and deadly: every man has the right to take what his strength gives him; Strength is not only physical, but also the talent or ambition are praised as tools of the true warrior, while the weakness is seen as a disease, a symptom of inferiority before the greatness of the Phalanx. Once the Mark has been gained, a Hyena has the right to own slaves and goods earned with his strength, a rule that is applied to raids, for business or for the exploitation of their slaves. Only the result of a teamwork, such as a big pillage is divided by a Kombrig among all participants.

Reservoir Dogs are warriors, so any other inferior activity, like raising crops or having cattle, is carried out by slaves, even if some Hyenas prefer control the thriving market born from their raids.


The Children of the Hyena have a precise structure that provides few, but very important splits:

SLAVES: the lowest part of society. Victims of the raids or children of other slaves, they do not have any right. It may happen that a Slave demonstrate a commitment and such strength that he will impress their superiors and get them to release him or even mark it; but for the most part the prospect is a life of hardship and slavery in the cultivation fields of the diseased earth.

UNMARKED ONES: This group includes the freed slaves, infants, and those who do not participate in missions of Hyenas. Their survival is linked to the Nucleus to which they belong.

MARKED ONES: they are those who have passed the trials to be accepted as members of the Children. Each of them receives a branding with the symbol of the group. The Marked Ones may unite in small bands named Nuclei or Maniples, to improve their coordination in the raids and be even more lethal.

KOMBRIG: the judges among the branded. Appointed by a Starosta, they deal with the settlement of disputes between two or more Marked Ones, usually resolved into trials by combat.

STAROSTA: respected and recognized among the Marked, they are a sort of captains who can coordinate Maniples and Nuclei. They are figures that possess the confidence of the Effendi; becoming a Starosta is the dream of many Hyenas.

EFFENDI: is the absolute leader of the faction, also called “The Great Hyena”. No one knows the identity of the Effendi or what criteria leads to the appointment of a new one after one dies. There’s no shortage of rumors about the alleged immortality of this being.


Children are feared and respected throughout the Wastelands and it’s hard to find anyone who openly denigrates them. More groups or merchants can find the earnings of weaving relationships with them, devoted mainly to the smuggling of stolen goods or cultivated by slaves. There is a tense situation between the Children and the Seraglio, because of the refusal of the first ones to join the Agreement; However, more than one Brother has partnered with a Marked One for having a trained fighter by side. The only faction that has declared an open war with the Child are the Brides; clashes between the two factions stop only in neutral territories.

ARCHETYPES: tribal warrior of the apocalypse, modern objectivist, Wasteland Legionnaires, ruthless conqueror

SYMBOL: the mark of the Hyena


“You can do excellent business with them… They are a little too tolerant with the mutants, coming to accept someone even among their ranks. But always they have a lot of material to sell, and the Church does not disdain what they have to offer. The test of their strength lies in the fact that they have just agreed to grant passage to one of our pilgrimage. They are not monsters, only children of this time. “

– Abbey Flink, cataloguer of the Church of the Inner Self-combbustion

“Damn bastards. Never turn your back on one of them, Sister. If you are in a neutral zone, or you have no way to plant suffered a knife in the stomach wait patiently outside .. but be careful, this assholes know how to fight. But without their slaves they’re nothing, they can not even wipe their own ass. Free the slaves and they will collapse like a house of cards … and so long for their alleged domination “

– Olga, Brides’ Chainbreaker

“They know how to fight, this must be said. But they are driven only by a blind dream of conquest. They respect us and we respect them, we treat their wounds when they come to us and we accept their Pence. The day when they’ll decide to turn their dreams of conquest towards the Hospital, that will be the day they will learn what terror is.”

– Dr. Valerie, Gulag of Mercy

“Do not confuse us with the Seraglio. We are not rats that run under the earth for nibbling leftovers, only able to attack in groups. We are conquerors, we are the last true warriors who will impose the domination and the Peace of the Hyena throughout the Postworld. One day you will understand, or will be submitted by our strength “

– Bill “the Hound”, Starosta