“This is the good one, Derek! Here, take the binoculars, look! See those roofs? Still intact! Glasses, look at the glasses! Most is still perfect! And that bunch of tires … do you know how many things we can do? And no signs of bonfires or vehicles … it’s empty, I’m telling you! Tell others, tomorrow they are exploring! “

– Renoir Delacroix, of the Eyeless Sharks

“I tell you it exists! Sigma Town exists, I swear it! They still have a generator of electricity! Somehow those bastards catch lightning storms and they … can, I do not know! However the night is a luminary from those parts, it always seems to be day! And I know how to reach her! I only need a few months, a good vehicle and at least four brave man who come with me! Who wants the light, boys? “

– Sarah Shrapnel of the Void Squirrels, scattered.

“We arrived first. We walked through the doors, put our Sign, pronounced the words. This Outpost is ours. Go out now, or get ready to die. This is Circle City, and it belongs to us. “

– Rick Norton of the Bronze Lions.

The Landseeker are a group present almost everywhere in the Postworld. Not linked to complex rituals or blood ties like other Factions, those who decide to become Landseeker are taking a dangerous perversion that has nothing to do with religious beliefs or political ideals. The task of a Landseeker is to explore the Vastness in search of new resources, the abandoned dwellings with which to trade and the rarest and most precious of the treasures: to find abandoned towns and garrisons and claim them as theirs. If indeed it is true that many groups of people are still nomadic and unstable, not everyone has the knowledge to establish a real new settlement. The Landseeker pass years by thinking about everything and studying the possible ways of surviving, preserving food, and repairing electrical wiring and piping. Unfortunately, much of this knowledge is at best sumptuous, but the enthusiasm of these desperate explorers almost always suffers from ignorance.

NAMES: Ranger, Explorers, Eyes, Staffs, Timelosers (Disrespectful)


It can be said that without the Landseeker there would not be the Postworld. It is difficult, very difficult to imagine who first officially started exploring the world after the disaster and surely some courageous dead in the Vastness, eaten by mutants or cracked in the middle of nowhere. However, it is traced back to the origin of the Landseeker to the first group that has actually succeeded in colonizing a city and forming an outpost, the shaky but still inhabited Newtopia. This group of heroes called themselves Wasteland Falcons, and without wanting it gave birth to a tradition and a real business of the new world: the Landseeker were born.

The need to map their land and know the resources around is vital, so any outpost worthy of its name maintains an active Landseeker force even if satisfied with its current position. After all, you never know what lies in the most remote corners of the Vastness: abandoned silos, edible crops, cattle … enemies.

In the truly remote event where a Landseeker group encounters a promising Unwanted Outpost, it may decide to claim it for itself. The group claiming an outpost has since then been entitled to reside and employ the resources that it finds right, which generally respects other Landseeker … but less honorable groups do not. A patrol must always be ready for Seraglio attacks, Hyena Children’s claims, or generic clashes with other groups that simply want to appropriate what they have found. That’s why their equipment is always at the top, with good shockers, armor and heavy backpacks loaded with resources and ammunition.


“Leave only footprints. Just get what you need. “

– Motto of the Landseeker

“Woah, people! Back, com’on! There is something for everyone! Yes, I know that Uncle is hungry, okay! You told me! But you do not have to use violence, right? Here we are all gentlemen, no one has to be thrown off like a guy, here. If you keep the row, and you will be EDUCED, you will all go home with your spices for soup! Oh yes, those of Mandala, that’s right, we’re coming back from there! They taste meat in a marvelous way. Maybe you can do just that scrapbook that has just tried to get a bit more of his part, huh? I know it’s something you do, I do not judge, eheheh!

Now, by the head: a gasoline can for each handful. And no jokes, guys. “

– Theo Reyner, Hungry Bears Cercaterra

“Scoffing, you say? Normally we do not … but why not! It will be a pleasure, and in fact we go from there! Look at the case I just got a contract here for cases like this … mh? But no, it’s a case, I’ve been up to a long time ago, figured if … no, I’ve just say it, we’re explorer, not warriors. Now, if you want to take a look, you’ll find very interesting the part about the items that we find during the trip…”

-Daisy Zacareth, of the Glittering Hawks.

The passion for exploration that moves the Landseeker to do what they do is most often manic: in a world that allows few stimuli, the emotions given to discover new places and different cultures is often irresistible, although the push of ‘ enthusiasm has a very short duration. The Postworld is NOT a good place to see, and to the out-of-the-box Outpost established by the Mutants or completely devastated, after seeing companions die devoured or destroyed by radiation, there is little to laugh at. Many Landseeker are thus transformed into armed mercenary stocks, or simple merchant who take advantage of their contacts to exchange or sell what the church of inner self combustion does not take, becoming smugglers and brigands.

The Landseeker looks very much at their appearance and they feel a team of similar souls, though not tied to religious or baptismal precepts. When a new group is founded, an animal is chosen to name it, typically something extinct that is passed on legends about some positive features that they consider useful to the cause: Hungy Bears believe in the strength of the bear, while the Bronze Lions adorn tire clothes to resemble the big felines of the past. In any case, no one ever uses the cat’s symbol and name, for facts well known to all. Obviously, if some group of Landseeker were to take the symbol of an animal already used by another group, it would be seen as an insult and it would get a mess between the two formations.


The Landseeker are divided into two major subgroups: the Nomads and the Stables

Nomads are groups that arise in the most distant outposts or even roam for uninhabited Vastness. Their dream is to find a real home to settle, often with little or no information: some remember a name, others an idea, others a map sketched. Some are part because a merchant has mentioned them to a rich and safe remote area, others to give a better future to their children. They are all brave and desperate heroes of this crazy and unjust era, and many die alone and forgot.

Stables protect a specific outpost and are in fact the military lever. Some Outposts have renowned Ranger groups that pass on the role of father to son or who recruit only after difficult and brutal trials. For Stables, the role of the Landseeker is a serious matter, and exploration missions are made only for the good of the community and always in rigid and precise patterns. Very often, an Outpost with a strong presence of Stables is in the vast majority of cases founded by the Landseeker themselves, and often follows the uses and costumes of the founders.


SLAUGHTER: Slaughter is the perfect example of a city protected by Stables, a former resource station, still running and equipped with electricity and technologies that are almost unavailable elsewhere. Here, the Tyrant’s Mastiffs (formerly Blind Dogs) run the town almost like a prison where every inhabitant is numbered and filed, and the rights to freedom and opinion are worth less than zero. The Tyrant is the person who is said to have discovered the outpost, even though it seems to be alive for too long.

The Mastiffs are constantly tested in evidence of force and cruelty and say they are able to match the powerful Trauma Korps. If it is true or not, it still remains to be seen.

COLERIDGE: When the White Parrots found this outpost completely abandoned, they almost did not believe in their eyes. Completely subterranean and accessible only through an improbable artificial passage, Coleridge was packed with one single thing: books.

Reprinted in honor of a great writer of the past, Coleridge is still secret and only the Parrots know how to access it. The books it contains are a very rare and precious commodity beyond every word and procure one asks for an incredible use of riches.

RAD CITY: The mysterious and utopian Rad City has, of course, been discovered by someone. Not too long ago.

The city has its unfortunate name at the very high level of radiation concealed inside it, which has always made it impossible for exploration. Obviously, this level has recently dropped, as the outpost is not only inhabited, but as it is said to be absolutely safe.

Who has discovered and colonized the city remains a mystery, though many talk about the smoky figure of Mayor Moses as a Landseeker who renounced his previous duties and uses to manage the city in the most impartial manner. Obviously, instead of answering this question, it only creates more doubts: why now? Because he? What’s so extraordinary to Rad City to make it invaluable for the future of mankind?


The Landseeker are normally in good relationships with everyone, since there is no faction that does not recognize the fundamental role. Obviously, they go in contrast easily when their craft takes them to territories already occupied by others, or when someone tries to bring them away what is theirs. By their very nature, they tend to be less concerned with religions, but many turn to Saint Curie for protection during travel and several openly trade with the Inner Self Combustion.

SYMBOL: Every Ranger group has its own coat of arms, usually a stylized design of their animal.

The Ranger’s Generic Symbol is the Arrow, symbolizing their continually moving and traveling, which is engraved on clothes, armor, and weapons.


“They say they are explorers and adventurers, but in the end are like everyone else: soldiers and assassins. Their motto, their symbols, and their ideals can not be masked. Be careful, sisters: they are good for trading and for some temporary alliance, but do not be fooled by their smiles! “

– Tulips of the Brides

“The Peace of the Hyena has to expand, and they need us. Recruit as much as possible and make sure they are happy to work for us: a happy explorer is an effective explorer. “

– Raul Sarekh, Starosta

“I’m in touch with a lot of crap, but they are good people. Do not let them walk for miles and risk life, if not for your people. I tell you, those are the heroes, the heroes of our difficult times! “

– Viktor Stone, Prebellum

“One step ahead of the other. That’s how it works. The only way you have to find a better place is walking. So start now, and find your place. This world will not give you one if you do not. “