“Do you know? All bullshit invented by old dictatorships. The shockers as a form of civilization, safe weapons for peace, leveling of war power, all idiocy to hold people under the power fist, so that they could no longer rebel. But I will tell you a great truth: we are working for all of you. Because I’ve seen in action a Realweapon, and I swear to you that it’s a spectacle for the eyes and ears and we’ll be back to the splendor of the past, when all of them had one! “

– Second, inventor of the Prebellum.

“Shocker? Weapons for cowards and not even comparable to those great pounds of the past. Next, shoot me with that pressure lance and see if he can traverse my shield. Ohhh you finished the little puppy bullets? I’ll give you a straight, hoarse: the maces and axes do not need to be recharged! “

– Vahn, Fierce Fighter of the Prebellum

“Look how beautiful Drugo, in the past they used their weapons to do everything! Look here, this guy uses a toothed chain that runs on a motorized head to cut a trunk! And look what an impossibility here! A wagon with huge wheels and dozens of hooks on the back, probably people were investing us after chasing them for a lot of time “

– Remus, Prebellum seeker, while browsing a gardening catalog of the past.

Pride, research, and stamina are the emblems of the Prebellum.

Their strong conviction is that the mythical events of the Great Pace, when Realweapons disappeared from the World Gone, are in fact the cause of the ruin that has collapsed leading to the birth of the Postworld.

Radiations, mutants, shockers, innovative weapons of the future, physical and social cannibalism, cowardice: all the shit the world does not need, and which has probably contributed to making it the crap that it is now.

In a world like the present one there are only two ways: to be uniform and to become like everyone else or to give a good example brutally and overwhelmingly.

In this particular case this is the second option.

United as a single man, solidifying each other and ready to do anything to protect what they slowly rebuild, Prebellum are the emblem of firmness, technique and determination aimed at their own mission and their built society on mutual cooperation and trust, as well as on individual and collective improvement.

It is rare to find them alone and it is even rarer to find them untapped in something.

NAMES: Iron Defenders, Retrograde, Conservatives, Little ants (derogatory)


Everything starts by chance, a little at a time, between small aggregations and growing communities. From that boy pursuing the dream of recreating a Realweapon, the crazy inventor who has spent years searching for unexploded ordnance or making dynamite at home losing an arm, or a group of fanatics who has taken formations as a war innovation of the World Running Police Stands, learned from an old manual found in a ruin.

A little for one, all together, to grow, remember and break mutants with great big arms, defend and defend, to rebuild what has been lost with the clues of the present.

With the intensification of the raids in the small outposts of the Vulnerabilities by the Seraglio and other smaller groups, there was often a need for an unofficial figure to protect the loads and stocks of those who could not rely on either strength or number. As “Improvised Heroes” were born, virtually by necessity rather than by will, to find something good in daily rottenness, more like a people than an institution, and more word-of-mouth than recruiting.

“The Titan Pact” came soon after. With these internal rules they could make everyone commit themselves to the cause, and not following the precepts leads to the abandonment of the community and the rejection of any form of help.


“You bitterly regret having looted the caravan I was escorting!”

“Oh yes? And who will do it? You? You and what army, boy? “


– Zeon, Fierce Prebellum Fighter the day before the Lucerne Clan was swept away.

“I do not believe it! For Flames I do not believe it! Did you really find a scrap box? Please let me know! I’ll make a weapon of the wonderful ones! Here is … here … we break the dust … and now help me to compact everything! I tie it to an arrow and here I did a flying bomb! I’m a genius!”

– Bell, Prebellum Inventor

The desire to return to the origins of the Prebellum touches on fanaticism when it comes to targeting all that is a “gift” of the Postworld. Mutants, savages and the like are never safe with them nearby, even those socially accepted.

They love what they do, and they do it as a reason for life. They are not violent, only if they are bothered by that second too.

They follow a rigid code of behavior that identifies them and makes them united, the so-called “The Titan Pact”:

  • Prebellum hate mutants and shockers in all their forms.
  • You do not attack the first but you respond with all the necessary forces. Yes, it also applies to civilized mutants.
  • The search for the past goes above every priority except life.
  • The Proud Fighter train at least one hour per day and seek paid work as a protector or stock at least one hour per day.
  • Inventors build something at least once a day.
  • The seekers discover something at least once a day, from customs to past inventions to information about the present.
  • If a Prebellum is in trouble, all united against the problem.


There are three basic branches in the organization of the Prebellum:

The Proud Fighter: Those who spend their life organizing, testing the inventors’ weapons, and training in combat. They wear heavy armor and brandy gunshots and shields, they are very happy about what they do and they do not attack them first.

Inventors: Those who spend every bit of their lives studying weapons, forgotten technology and explosives, their dream is to rebuild a Realweapon.

Researchers: finding things is their job, both as far as traditions of the past, weapons styles, armor, customs and customs are concerned, as well as having the desire to rebuild the truth about the world of the past and the world of the present.

There is no real hierarchy, as everyone pursues a common mission and is a group based on mutual support.

Generally, it is the charism and trust in someone who determines the leader, along with the merits and the results.

These elements are defined in the community as an example, a public esteem and capability.

Those who are identified as the Example acquire a name that identifies them as a reference to the figure they interpret, given by others and relative to what seems to be closer to their mind, that it is an existential object or concept.


They are well-behaved in the community as they are not stalking, protecting key points such as markets or cities, and bringing with it novelty or creature massacres, although often those who do not know their explosive temperament do a bad end at the first attempt to dab .

ARCHETYPES: Legionnaire armored, meticulous inventor, grossly organized, informative shrewd.

SYMBOL: A shield with a gear


“They cost me less than the Landseeker and they do a job more than perfect. Of course, the days come in ten and I have to change ten guards, but when there are them there are more people because they feel safe and sometimes they also sell me something interesting! “

– Castor Zuse, the King of RadCity’s trade

“Fire is the guide of these willing young people. Of course, their ways with mutants are disgusting, but the end justifies the means. Some of them are also faithful, and I do not complain at all “

Father Loan, Purathos of the Church of Inner Self Combustion

“Always between the balls there, you can never do anything out of the ranks that they are immediately getting your morale. The good thing is that you can ignore them as long as you do not dare to point him to a weapon “

– Cousin Tampy of the Family

“Whether you are a warrior, an inventor, or a good informant, this is home. It’s your home and it’s home to everyone, and each one of you is a part of the foundation. Of course, he has his rules, but he has solid walls, and if thieves come in, they all respond with a lot of bits. “

Crimea – Example of the foresight of the Prebellum.