“And so we found this dude stuck alone in the middle of nowhere. Look, he offered us three diesel tanks for a handing, and you can’t imagine what he had in the truck. A couple of ol’ bottles too…yeah, nothing less than vinwine. He kept repeating ‘please… bring me to the camp and I’ll fill you with food and gasoline’ All this blabbering ‘bout his camp, his children, his pretty wifey… He looked like a really good deal. So we did the only reasonable thing to do, do you get me? We squeezed out the location out of him, heated up the engine head and we had this jerk grilled and watered on his own vinwine. Really mouthwatering. Now, lunch apart, we have a settlement to visit to boys…”

– Jean “The cook”, Matiz Dogs gourmet

“Listen to me son, you did my nephew a big bad wide cut with your shiv. My nephew doesn’t like this. But, if you tell auntie where are you from with that pretty load of stuff we could forget ‘bout this incident and will let you go along with your fancy car. What? Of course you can trust me…do I look like those naked bike-riding whores? DO I LOOK LIKE A FUCKIN’ WHORE YOU MOTHERFUCKER? Philip! Louis! Take this jerk and build up the cross, and let’s see if he learn a bit of respect toward elderly after a treatment.”

– Auntie Gretha Jones, Family reputable old lady

“Come ladies and gentlemen! Hasten over , my dear! The Festival is here! It’s here with its show, for children and no more! Choose how to warm your heart in this cold night, leave your worries behind and come in our tent of wonders. Admire Fedhia and Ledhia’s beauty! Test your strength against the mighty Maskus! Feel the shiver along your spine, staring at the horrors in our cages, monsters thrown out of from the worst nightmares of the wastelands, that would unfalteringly tear your face apart! Come, and listen to Madame Licorna predictions, or admire the beasts of the past days, but be careful not to walk for roads without return. Only a little exchange at the entrance and we’ll be at your service for all the night long. But pay attention milord and miladies! Do not dare to enter without a ticket…if you do your teeth will join those of other scoundrels that already adorn the tent…”

– Teeth Caravan director

Violence, oppression, cruelty but a really uncommon bravery for the wastelands. This is the Seraglio engine.

The Seraglio is barely depicted as a faction: this faceted jumble is more precisely a sort of different band alliance, linked by a fragile pact that often explode into internal conflicts. The thread between these groups is their survival habit in the wasteland, violent places where Seraglio members rage through, without any pity or regrets. Wells, small camps and crossroads too are into their domains, in which the the band’s law rules and from whom unwary travelers rarely return.

These scoundrels reply with strength and fury to this wild brave new world. Whole gangs are often wiped away from other factions, from internal fights and from alliances of outposts tired of their raids. But the numbers of the Seraglio are always fattened by little raider’s bands who decide to join it.

Hierarchy, habits and rites are often really different between the gangs, but it’s really rare to find someone openly despising the Seraglio. Because in it’s faceted shape, this faction mean alliances, territory division and it’s relative income. When a gang aim a well defended outpost, or wants to control a wide land, can rely on other gangs help. This “assistance” it’s never free of cost and often leads to conflicts and fights for good’s and benefit division. As a matter of fact the Seraglio is a convenient reality for many, and going against it is the shortest way to end crucified along the street as a warning.

It’s a great mistake to think of the Seraglio only as combination of violent raiders. Many gangs are into trading with many Outposts ( often making a profit with goods earned in raid against other Outposts or incautious travelers) or they offer “protection” from external dangers. This gangs doesn’t seems more violent than other common raid gangs of these wicked times, but their eyes and words always seems disturbing for the peaceful Outposts inhabitants.

NAMES: Brothers, The Agreement, Faceaters, Carrion (derogatory)


It’s hard to say when the Seraglio is born. Of course, from the early days of the “Postworld” many people abandoned themselves to madness and bestiality becoming violent and beasts themselves.

Many say that the Jones family patriarch had the idea to unite all those sadistic raider’s gang, after he quickly turned his own family in one of the most feared raider gang. The young Osvald J. Jones would have manage to force other gang’s heads to unite under a single cartel.

It wasn’t something achieved without blood, but today the Seraglio, despite his fickle and rambling nature, is maybe the biggest faction in the “Postworld” and fewer people everyday dare to defy it.


“They call us monsters and violent. Idiot’s lies. Take a look around pal, the world itself is monstrous, violent and totally fucked up. You can lock yourself into your pretty outpost, under the delusion of having a peaceful and pretty life until someone will come to fuck your wife in front of your very eyes. Or, you can understand that this is hell, a hell built only for your fun. Are you sure you can deserve this? We’ll see really soon pal…Let’s see if you deserve a name”

-Flegias of Giudecca

“In my opinion, honey, we can get out of here in many different ways. No, look at me…stare at my innocent eyes. You have an ugly hole in your back, that’s why you can’t feel your legs. But you are a big strong man and I’m only a poor, little girl yelling for help. And you, so strong and brave decided to help me, what a hero! I am so sorry my friend stabbed you…you know? He’s a little bit instinctive. No no…stare at my eyes, I said! As I told you, we can get out of here in many different ways. The one I prefer is the one in which you give me that old safe combination that you hid under the steering wheel and I put this knife in your brain…otherwise…well…now my friend Jung already started eating your leg. Yes, now you can look, and don’t mind screaming. Nobody will bother you here and we have a lot of time honey…”

– Smith, Matiz Dogs good girl

It’s hard to find common ideals among the many heads of the Seraglio; Each party may have different objectives, different beliefs and a different dose of madness, cruelty and radioactivity. They only share the violence of people who lives where nobody dares to go and the sick mind that every Carrion ride along a degenerating spiral; Actually the most of them have no problems with mutants, often accepting them among their lines, turning them into lethal death and destruction machines.


A formal organization does not exist. When two or more gangs want to temporarily join for an objective, their leaders make arrangements. Occasionally the most influent leaders can call a Gathering: a sort of huge gangs assembly for a common reason. Useless to say how the Gathering is a cradle of violence often used in order to fix old grudges.

The following are the most known Seraglio gangs:


Also known as the “Clan”, this band is composed of members with tight blood ties that appear to include few mutations. Seniority is the key to the family hierarchy, which sees on top the old patriarch Osvald J. Jones. Below a whole series of children, brothers, cousins ​​and grandchildren who, from “Jones House”, their little outpost, spread terror into the area under their control. A couple of outposts and a vast forest area are their kingdom, a territory where nobody contests the words of a Jones. Family members apply a form of justice and control over trades far less lethal than other bands, so some do not see their “protection” badly. However, they conceal their daughters when one of the boys in the family comes to town.


Giudecca is a group of violent marauders that controls a vast mountainous area of ​​Vastness. There are no outcasts under their control, however their influence is enormous in the agglomerations where the Devils are feared for their strength and their idle ideals. It is known as members of the band, once their value has been shown, give a new name to completely erase the old one; it seems that these names are taken from an ancient Book of the LastWorld that the Devils treat with regard to them, telling you about the rewards that await them after their life of fierce violence. For this reason the members of the Giudecca do not know remorse or limitations: they know that all their action will be rewarded in the hell of which the ancient man speaks.


Matiz was a small outpost famous for the low contaminated soil and the quality of the crops. Matiz’s dream, so envied by the prosperity of its inhabitants, ended as the outpost was occupied by the Chief Bolviz militia. The gang killed most of the inhabitants and slaughtered the rest of the population, including women and children, for work in the camps. Paradise became a nightmare: the gruesome work rhythms led to the death of most of the people who had escaped the massacres as the land, exploited without a criterion, began to give no fruit. The Dogs are nothing more than the former children of the village who, after years of torture and humiliation, rebelled by putting Bolviz and massacring his Militia in sleep. And in the fury of the clash, they have become the worst monsters of their agitators, going to take the means and weapons of the Militia and thus emerge in the world of violence. Dogs are little more than cannibal animals that terrorize the outposts and are used as marauders to warn the little ones. Difficult to deal with them, it is difficult to get out alive from their territories.


Nobody knows when this traveling Itinerary, also known as the Festival, was born. It is only known that one day this series of colorful noisy vehicles began to move from outpost to outpost to raise their tent. Here the inhabitants offer entertainment and entertainment, among guesses, jugglers and horrible monsters. Despite their belonging to the Seraglio they are usually well-liked by the outposts, but many tremble whispering mysteries between their rows and around the Director’s figure. Why do some people sometimes disappear from their shows? Why do they come out of their tent over the animal scream night of a bestiality ever heard before? What are the wonders and horrors that the human-dwarf tent conceals?


Most outposts fears the Seraglio bands, although some groups are useful for trading or passing information. Very few however really object to a band, doing so can mean screaming the other bands out of the wall.

ARCHETYPES: modern caveman, motorized thug, crazy cannibals, psychotic prophet

SYMBOL: A tribal stylized chalice


“I will never trust a dustdog. Give your back too long and you’ll be cooked properly, literally. ‘Fuck you, let’s take a long ride. We have young girls and I do not want to risk surprises “

– Lithos of the Brides

“Once we were called by one of their gangs. A bad case of green fevers that was widening dangerously. I went with two subdivisions and five nurses. Basically it went well, the problem was overthrown and paid. But leaving their outpost was just me with two nurses, the others had disappeared in the night … like volatilized. I did not ask for anything even if I preferred dropping off the roast they offered me in the morning; the important thing was the payment. Of course … fifteen new subjects for our research. As I said, it went well “

– Dr. Donoviz of the Gulag of Mercy

“Bestial rats. That’s what they are. Sloppy mice filled with shit and impurities. Mutant goatfucker whose very existence is offended by the Most High. But we can help these unlucky assholes. The Holy Fire will burn their skins by telling them and it will be just a holocaust to divine purity. Prepare tanks and lighten your children, tonight you go to disinfect! “

Father Weilz, preacher of the Church of the Inner Autofocus

“You can play the happy guy whenever you want, but there’s nothing happy about here. There is only black shit, hunger and madness. This is the Postworld and can’t wait to shoot you without too many stories; are crazy times. Do you want advice on what to do?

Take your weapon.

Turn on the engine.

Take all the cock of the fuck before he takes you.

Earn Inferno “

– Malabranca of Giudecca