“God doesn’t want radioactive ones. God wants us to be pure! And pure we will be, hallowed by the fire and strengthened by the flames! The first human discovery was fire, not the atomic bomb! Not the corrupted progress nor the mutants will save our families, but the stakes and the probity!”

– Father Brennan, Pur-Ierofàntis

“But are you sure about what you’re saying? Those dudes really exchange fuel for everything?”

“And more than that, they’ll preach if you are not fast enough. They are mad, and it looks like they have extra oil everyday”.

“Did you heard the news? The nuts from Flames Church burned alive a mutant in front of its shelter!”

“Right, right, and maybe they also spit fire from their mouths…”

“I can swear on a drink I saw one of them doing it.”

– Drunk people chat at Old Tin

“You are a mutant, and so you are son of the corrupted old times. You are damned and doomed to suffering both in life and death, hunted in every step you make in the wastelands and hated by everyone in town. What do you say? St. Curie Church? They’ll just make you pains last longer to squeeze your soul until the last drop.

We are offering you the redemption, burn on purpose in our flames and rise from your ashes in a new deliverance.”

– Redemption propaganda

Fervour, redemption and fire, these are the Inner Self-Combustion Church.

If St. Curie Church professes the tolerance, the self-inducted radioactivity and a benevolent madness as Afterworld hippies, the Self-Combustion cult glorifies the pureness of body, soul and reason, instigating its adepts with the light and the warmth of the flames.

Many rituals foresee fuel instead of water, often the devotee crowd is blessed with aspersoria filled with white oil and spitfire shows are frequently seen during the celebrations; courage tests are done walking on burning ashes and the braziers are full of essences and powder. With the fire they purify mutants, political and economical enemies and obstacles to the community and the Church, praising the order and a bright future without pain and deformed demons.

The followers, and also who simply revolves around the Self-Combustion, are constantly fomented by incitement about life esaltation: commerce is good, celebrations are good, everything bringing wellness and welfare is good.

NAMES: Church of the Flames, Inflamed, Fieries, Burned Ones (derogatory)


In a time when money doesn’t exist, having the most of the market shares of oil isn’t so profitable, more than ever when a better-armed opponent could steal you everything in a second.

Herman Brennan, Holy enlightened man, decided to make a virtue out of necessity and to do it at his best.

He founded the Inner Self-Combustion Church right in the middle of his oilfields and began to work hard to make the institution be the most important center of commercial exchanges and social shelter.

Step by step, the help became strength and the strength became religious frenzy, leading the Church to be what it is nowadays, also with the aid of a devotee who was the best in managing markets: the self-proclaimed King of the Commerce Mr. Castor Zuse.

Soon, hearing the name of the Self-Combustion nearby came to mean that over there you’ll have found a market where exchange goods, a refuge and parties. And some mutant less.


“Light up you spirit and let it burn”

– Prayers opening

“Heeello and welcome, I’m Castor Zuse and I’m your mentor if you need something, because EVERYTHING passes through my hands and you ought to respect me… if you don’t want to be in serious troubles. Do you need an appointment with someone famous? I’ll do it. You don’t know something? I know it. Be thankful to the Self-Commbustion for the goods you see here for sale, and beware: if you jump the line, I’ll make your head jump from your neck.”

– Castor Zuse, King of the Commerce in RAD City

Everything transformed, strange or distorted must be purged. Mutant plants are an abomination, and so the mutant bodies and the ones who help them. The Church offers redemption to the mutants asking them to burn themselves voluntarily to reach the eternal safeness, being in contrast with Crisadora’s sermons and St. Curie Cult.

Unfortunately it’s not so easy completing the prge, but a devotee won’t never help a mutant, and won’t never skip the opportunity to vilify a radioactive creature, or to urge the hate against it.

During the propaganda, the most important thing is to keep the Puriàsis high: it’s the way they call the ecstasy and the frenzy that lead the followers to battle to wipe put the enemies of the Crimson Cult.

They have a real commercial market network, and all the selling or exchanging points are linked each other. Often they deal also with other factions to “buy” help or favors, or when they are looking for something peculiar as, for instance, a show by the Rhapsody to celebrate the Church or a stockpile from Prebellum, giving strength in this way also to the message of brotherhood basing on the commercial principles.



The Church doesn’t just subsists of commerce.

In the Redemption War more than motivational words are involved: the Burning Army is made of hordes of fanatics fomented by the purification .

Stratiotès are the warriors who embrace the Flame creed and obey to the orders given by the officials called Strategòi, the ones who are more expert in battles and assaults.

Pur-Anemòi are more folkloristic than practically useful, but they turn on the frenzy with their fire shows and often use their spit-firing abilities against the enemies.

Purathòi are in the middle between battle and propaganda. They manage the assault groups and they are charismatic guides, equipped with garish weapons and using sound amplifiers to intimidate the enemies with their sermons.


Castor Zuse, market dealers and Cataloguers keep constantly track of the rotation of the goods, coordinated by the Engagers who draw up the contracts with the other groups.

The only commitment the Official Followers approved by Preachers have is to guard the oilfields and official markets at least one day every ten, to report every movement of the merch bot bought and sold so the Church can in every moment know the offer and demand trend of each good and fix “the right price for the right exchange”, that is also the dealers’ motto.


The Church is well established in the community, overwhelming the other religions.

They offer hospitality to the new adepts and obviously they are hated by the mutants, even if some of them embraced the cult for the redemption, setting itself on fire in the name of the Crimson Purity.

Everyone who has basic goods or abilities or needs fuel, can ask them and get what he needs.

ARCHETYPES: Inquisitors, Armed Guards, dealers, religious fanatic

SYMBOL: a flame inside a triangle


“They try to reach the order we had in the past, but often they just use words. And we like action. But if you had a bad day, you can go to their headquarters, put on sale your warrior skills, and then you’ll go home with a canned meal or that cable you were looking for.”

– Rupert, Proud PREBELLUM Warrior

“They don’t understand. They don’t want to understand and will never understand the beauty inside the Gift of St. Curie. Coming back to the primordial being inside us, living in the chaotic spontaneity of body and spirit, and just because we are radioactive. One day they’ll regret their actions, damned brainwashers”

– Madama Crisadora Yelena Fuyutsuki, Saint Curie Cult

“They are BEAUTIFUL! Look at those flames, lights and colors! Hear the sound of the words, the drums and the crackling of braziers! They do 100.000 hendrixx per second! I’ll convert to the Cult right now, when will I get again the chance?”

– Ben “Marley” from Rapsody

“Night and day, the divine flame lead us to show the way. Come! Let’s look to the horizon, let’s find something to own, even if it’s still so far.”

– Father Brennan, Pur-Ierofàntis