“We are in a violent and sick world. The disease sticks under each of us’s skin like a nest of stupid insect. But illness can die, or you can find the cure. And who if we do not have the ancient knowledge of the World Gone can find this cure? Who can ferry man again to Healthy Tomorrow, where will there be no more diseases or death? Nobody. Because we are the electors who raise the prayers to the Good Healer; and in his wise light we will drag the man away from the Disease. Pray therefore, my young A-Doctors … but always remember that prayer is inspiration, sacrifice action. You do not have to spend too much time on ancient toms while letting your patients go. Experience! Take care! Bring this world to light! “

– Dr. Forrest Rim, a nursing instructor

“Yes, I see. In this outpost you have a bad case of Sickshit, or Cholera as we call it. The fault is that well you drink from, the water is not good. But do not worry … we have everything in the truck for a first care, then all over and we’ll take you to the Gulag. There you will have care and rest, and we also have food to share. No, no, we do not want anything … we do it only for our mission, we care that everyone is healthy. Then, put them all in line for the first vaccine, then start traveling. Let’s start with the kids …. “

– Dr. Irina Eisenham, Disemboweller

“Let’s go bitches! The Doctors are waiting for you and they will have to work with your white asses all day long … eheheeh … .. no no .. wait. What the fuck? Crying dude? No no no … there is no reason to cry. They hurt you .. they snatch your skin and bones but look at it …. Watch me. My arm now works again, before it was all bent and sore. Of course, they had to take the pieces from a couple of volunteers … but you can not make an omelet without breaking some eggs, I say no? AHAHAAH! “

– Mr. Blastos, nurse

The Gulag of Mercy is older than the Postworld, that’s what everybody knows and this makes the old hospital perched on a mountain in Vastness, being subject to mysteries and fears.

The inhabitants of this place are bizarre survivors who have been elected to new doctors in a world where no pharmaceutical homes or cures are properly said, unless past remedies of mouth to mouth and fueled by ignorance and divisions between the Outposts. The Merciful, however, are always respected and feared, precisely because they are known as the connoisseurs of ancient Medicine, whispered to them through the visions the Good Healer gives to their eyes. These visions lead to knowledge, Knowledge to cure … and cures are open to everyone.

The offers that are periodically made by the Outposts seeking a “better pathway” for their patients allow this strange hospital to live, as well as the brawny Nurses, often mutated by the mysterious arts of the Merciful, keep away the interests of those raiders and so stupid thieves to stand against one of the few factions that is not openly in war with anyone, but who otherwise does business with everyone.

But the Gulag is not just an idyllic paradise as many would like to believe: often the sick disappear between the dreary and cold corridors and screaming in the operating rooms where poorly prepared individuals perform controversial practices; the crazy reverence for the Good Healer and the obsessive search for a new perfection seems to leave behind a long blood stream. Some say that the Merciful use some sick as guinea pigs for horrible experiments in the name of their science; infused these new physicians deepen their knowledge in a fragmentary and often alternated with superstitions and passages of voices, so what better method than to apply their studies directly to patients?

But if the alternative is to die for an evil that no one can solve, Gulag becomes a compulsory choice. And so patients grow up.

NOMES: Breakbones, Missionaries, Sons of Tomorrow, White Devils (derogatory)


Nobody knows what Gulag actually does, the doctors say that the Gulag has always been this way, since before the Postworld; but in many seem skeptical of these statements.

According to some, the Doctors are nothing more than a group of survivors who decades ago found the Hospital and its shining Atrium in which stood the statue of someone forgotten by time. The future Merciful found books in the hospital and rooms used for treatment, operations and diagnosis. Then the survivors cast the statue to divinity, titled the Good Healer, and found a cult around him and the fragmentary knowledge they had found in the hospital, inventing physicians in a world that no longer knows the word medicine. And so they began to sell their services and their knowledge, until the thirst for knowledge has increased more and more as well as their crazy projects.

However, this is a whispered story, and few say openly, preferring to believe in the hospital’s myth as a surviving institution and coming from the Outgoing World.

Today the Gulag is a small reality and many go looking for cure for diseases that no one knows about; often the sick carry food or valuable things to pay for “Obol”, in other cases they have nothing but they are still welcomed. In most cases, the sick person then succeeds in getting healed, while others simply disappear into the corridors.

The fact that those who carry a Obol are more likely to get out of the amount of a pauper, so that most patients look good by refusing to offer something to the nurses at the entrance desk.


“And the Good Healer says: Do not worry about Dr. Miranda, you will be able to find the secret that so welts over how to replace the water the bodies need with something different. He sees with goodwill your wise mission to make man free from the bondage of thirst; he knows how much you have suffered in discovering that your outbreak of origin had died poisoned by contaminated water contaminated by the old factory. It is advisable to increase the experiment with those bottles that Dr. Wesly has taken from Greyshore’sVault. He, in his infinite wisdom, suggests that you try to feed your subjects with the contents of the vials with the words ‘Bleach’; According to book 324, sodium hypochlorite can disinfect and clean just and better than water. You will come back here to me and refer to the result of your trials. May the Light of the Good Healer accompany you “

– Melchiorre, Seener

“Here’s … good! Now you’re moving and I’ve miss this incision … WHY WOULD YOU LOVE MY WORK? Why do not you understand what we are doing here? I KNOW THAT YOU DO NOT PAY! Quiet .. calm now I calm down. Dr. Smile is now calming …. now will I tell you calmly okay? Now you keep this fucking leg so I can resume the engraving. If I hear you screaming or you make a mistake, I say to Miss Valerie that you bring me that long needle you see there on the table and the hammer. Can I lobotomize you and then continue, know you? What? Do not you know what this difficult word means? It means “ugly trouble for stupid sluts who do not know how to stay quite”. So now I’m sure you can’t wait to keep calm? Good … good … good … “

– Dr. Smile, surgeon

“How do you feel Mrs. Hesha? I’m glad. We removed the blade fragment with which that monster hit you. Tomorrow you will be free to go. Do not worry about this. You came to us after the raids of those Matiz Dogs and you shared that few things as the Obol. It is our duty to take care of you to open the road to Healthy Tomorrow. I’m sorry I could not help your sister equally, but I assure you that what we have learned in trying to cure her wounds will be used to save other lives. Now, please forgive me, in the next room is Mr. Ghilmo of the Dogs of Matiz, he will also be resigned tomorrow. But it is obvious Mrs. Hesha .. we cure everybody. Ah! I see. I really like lady but we are not responsible for what happens outside the Gulag … but if you prefer not to be missed maybe we can find a new solution … “

– Dr. Enid van Hock called “The Angel of the Lane”, general practitioner

The visitor entering the Great Gulag is always welcomed by the wonderful Atrium, the glamorous glass wonder of the World Gone that gives every guest awe and fear. In the center of the Atrium is the statue of the Good Healer; this clearly depicts a wise man of the past, while opening a charitable and merciful hand toward the guest. Around the statue, beside a time-stamped script, there are always candles or offers left by doctors or patients.

According to the Merciful Ideas, the Good Healer is a sort of good spirit or semi-deity, a former healer of the past and now back to show the Doctors the Way to Healthy Tomorrow and the defeat of all Diseases. The Good Healer speaks always and only by the mouth of the Three Seener, offering advice or blessings for those who continue in the study and in the Mission … and cruel punishments for the inept or incapable. The Mission is the very creed of the Merciful: a feverish quest for care for any evil, which may once again bring mankind back to the ancient agony and the peace it deserves. When there will be no more diseases will end the age of barbarism and the time of the Healthy Tomorrow will come; every Merciful, therefore, sees himself as an elected, a saint whose mission is to lead to the development of all humanity. And in this mission everything is allowed, even the sacrifice of some; as the doctors always repeat, jokingly, “you can not make an omelet without breaking some eggs.”


The Gulag has a precise organization but does not include many ranks. However, discoveries or cures are often used as a benchmark for the most deserving.

NURSES: Nurses are the maneuver of the Gulag. Often they are formerly sick or mutant who have been cared for and decided to extinguish their debt by working for doctors, other times they are violent brutes who have found a relatively quiet place to rest and where food never fails. Nurses deal with everything from cleaning the doctors’ offices to the kitchen to the outside guard. They always wear a cloth or a red garment to define their status.

A-DOCTOR: A-Doctors are Merciful aspirants who have passed the toughest test to be admitted into the Gulag. They usually come together in groups of 3 and entrusted to a Merciful who cares for their training. The Merciful has the right to life or death on the Subcontractors, this brings the number of new doctors to be always small. The Direction does not complain about it, judging the unworthy dead to serve the Good Healer, and at the time controlling the number of Merciful. They always wear a cloth or a blue garment.

MERCIFUL: A Merciful is a doctor. Responsible for patients care and at the same time as custodian of one or more Research, personal studies that are performed in accordance with the guidelines of the Mission. At the same time the Merciful are doctors who care for the sick who come to the Gulag and the researchers who could use the same as guinea pigs for their research. The Merciful tend to wear a white coat, in his absence just a white cloth to identify his status.

DIRECTION: The Gulag recognizes a Primary and Five Primaries. These are Elderly Merciful and Proven Wisdom Governing the Gulag, Research and Indifferent Political Weight. They are dressed in black laced shirts

SEENER: The Three Seener, always called Gaspare, Melchiorre and Baldassarre as a tribute to three wise men of the World Gone, represent the spiritual power of the Gulag. They often live in a perpetual trance caused by drugs and medicines that consume and bring them closer to the spirit of the Good Healer. Even though they are under the leadership, their power is never underestimated, always acting on the consciences of the entire Gulag. They only wear black and to death they are replaced by a Merciful chosen suitably who will take the name of his predecessor.

In addition to the main structure of the Gulag, there may be small enclaves of Mercy placed in allied or itinerant outposts. These take the name of Enclavi or Ambulatory and can be managed by Merciful with the help of nurses and subdivisions; Obviously, these surgeries must also respond to the Gulag Management.


Gulag is feared and loved at the same time. The Outpost often offer a Tribute to Gulag, a kind of periodic Obol, to provide better care for their own patients and to make sure that they end up in the list of missing persons in the cold subterranean hospital. People know that visit the Gulag may mean no longer leaving its gates, but when the alternative is death many decisions become mandatory, causing the number of Gulag patients to always be high.

The most religious factions, such as the cult of S. Curie or the Church of Inner Self Combustion, look badly at the reverence of the Holy Healer, considering the Senners nothing more than drug addicts. But these accusations are rarely heard loud or opening dangerous conflicts.

Gulag’s power should never be underestimated.

ARCHETYPES: Doctor of the PostBomb, Doctor of Terror of Apocalypse, Gross Aigor, Crazy Researcher

SYMBOL: An Gas-Mask with a strange appearance


“I do not like the way they look at you. I’m not one with the light stomach you know, there are people in my group who would do anything to find the dinner. But they look at you as if I were a thing … as if I were something they could not wait to put their hands on. No, I do not trust these shit, I prefer to keep the drain “

– Uncle Rust of the Seraglio

“Romanda was a dear friend, a good detective. One day she begins to cough blood and does not recover. We wait a few days and then decide to bring her to the Gulag. I did not want to leave her alone in the hands of these “merciful,” but one of their white-shirts women told me that she had something contagious and had to isolate her. Romanda has never left Gulag. Instead, Karla and Danha, who were taken to the Gulag when they were infected with the wounds of a clash with the Giudecca, were cared for and taken to the streets without the slightest problem. Why Romanda? I can’t find out an answer. She was a good girl, but she was no stronger than the others, no better, and that illness could not have taken her away. Anyway, I still remember the cold eyes of the doctor as they took away my friend, they seemed to cut my skin without even the need for a scalpel. “

– Mama Lisette of the Brides

“I’ve heard a lot of stories. I can only tell you that at Flash Valley people began to feel bad this summer, they craping their soul and some are die. Then came the Merciful and they brought all to the Gulag. I was expecting no one of those poor people to return, but all went out healthy and fresh. The gulag of mercy had saved all the Flash Valley. Since then, their Primary wants the camp to provide three young men every six months. They say to train them as new doctors … but those who entered the Gulag no longer saw those guys. And now tell me a little bit, how many lives cost the salvation of a camp? “

– Black, Prebellum Researcher

“We have to deal with this burden. To us the mission of ferrying the world into Healthy Tomorrow. We have no family except Gulag, we have no children except our A-Doctors, we have no friends except the other Merciful, we have no parents except the Primary. But never think that this is a simple occupation, the price that the Good Healer asks for all of us is high and painful … but to bring good in this sick world is right. And it’s worth it. “

– Dr. Sirna Wolff, surgeon