The Prebellum enters the container, decisive step, metal briefcase in his fist. They came back recently, sweating, tired, and pissed. But extremely pleased. The expedition has been successful, many recruits are waiting for Jonny Silver and what he has been able to find around Old Town.

The briefcase touches the steel table with a shaky sound, a couple of the “Lost-Items” group put their hand on the precious object, a few minutes and its locks open with a “CLAK” sound. Jonny looks at the busy crowd, it would be an interesting morning. The Prebellum takes the briefcase and reveals the contents, turning it to the public, a set of banknotes all arranged in order.

“Citizens, come and sit down and listen to me. Do you know the cases that we seek so much? Have you ever wondered why are the cases used?

In the World All Governments, Criminal Organizations, and Religions had a common thing: banknotes. The economies all over the world stood on small sheets of cut paper, such as these, large like an open hand, embellished with the satisfied face of some important guy at that time, imagine me, or mayor Moses. The banknotes did not survive. These banknotes you see here a few hundred years ago would have been forty properties out of RAD City. Today you can use them as a toilet paper.

Today, after many years, the economy has a weight: that of brass. The only accepted currency are the cases, along with barter obviously. The cases resist the weather, have overcome the catastrophes that led to the Postworld, once told me of an unprecedented cold period, called “Lead Winter”. I do not know if this story is true, in any case the cases have passed it. The cases weigh, you can’t hide too much, make noise, shine in the sunlight, and … can kill.

What is the importance of cases? A case is able to perform its function in two ways:

EMPTY: The only accepted currency at Rad City, which can provide additional value when combined with exchange products, to trade an object without adding bosses, makes it an object of no value. Keep your exchanges with some boss and you will understand what it means to “do a bargain”.

FULL: It is the main element in the manufacture of real-life weapons projectiles. Are not you convinced? Try delivering empty cases to a Trauma Korps and observe their reaction.

Bullets are important, citizens. You will be able to decide whether to use them alone, in addition to objects to be exchanged, or to try the luck and deliver some to a Trauma Korps.

How does a bullet work?

In the World gone range of ammunition for portable firearms was called a cartridge. In this case we will use the generic term “bullet”. In the Postworld, bullets have a vital role to play in preserving and defending life, and of course they are also able to take it off. The bullet is the fundamental element that characterizes the operation of the so-called “True Weapons”. The Trauma Korps and a few personalities chosen by them, I guess for political and public reasons, can continue to own a perfectly preserved and working Realweapon at RAD City. Use it regardless of the availability of bullets.

A bullet is made up of:

  • Case
  • Trigger
  • Gunpowder
  • Ball

How does the whole of these four elements work in short?

When pulling the trigger of a Realweapon, the action of the finger brings the weapon components to act on the plug, inside which there is a small amount of explosive, the latter detonating causes the ignition of the shot dust inside the box. The spurious pressure generated by the ball (bound to the boss) is released, coming out of the barrel at great speed. The effects of a bullet can be asked by any member of the Gulag.

Why do Trauma pay in cases?

Trauma Korps love every single citizen, so it is very important that the well-being and wealth that can result from hard work at Rad City’s service. Cases are delivered by Trauma Korps to move the economy of each outpost to allow every willing citizen to earn the right reward for their work. Cases if delivered to a Trauma Korps will be recycled and will become bullets able to fuel real weapons owned by representatives of Mycenaea and influential Rad City people.

Finally, I want to warn citizens. RAD City has grown in recent months, and not just in the population. We are famous lords, devils and scammers beginning to understand the importance of cases, and guess what? Thy swindle good people. Don’t be fooled, there are rumors that some cases falsified, unusable, are traded at a fair price and then unnecessary for transactions, barter or payments. Open your eyes and do not bother with brass glow. Look at what they offer you.

Remember, Citizens:

  • You can accumulate cases for your interests.
  • You can increase the value of each exchange you make by adding cases to the transaction.
  • You can hand them over to a Trauma Korps and earn their huge favor.

Jonny Silver, take the notes and throw them into a bin next door. They fire immediately, emitting an acid smell. Some men of the “Lost-Items” group call the present and collect the cases collected that day.