In this section, constantly updating, we will answer to the questions we received regarding the setting, BG Characters and the Rules FAQ. We remind you that you can ask all the questions you need directly on rustanddust.larp@gmail.com

Can military tactical robes with ballistic housing be used?

Yes, the tactical military vest with ballast housing can be used, remembering the various limits on the type of usable camouflage.

If used without plates, they will count as leather.

The plates may be of the other materials indicated in the armature table, by attributing its score.

The thicknesses of the plates, always respecting the safety standards, shall be as follows:

If iron, thickness 2 mm

If rigid plastic 1cm

If rubber is 1 cm

What are the limits for the self-production of Nerf darts?

For a better definition of the prohibition of using darts for self-produced nerfs, please note that:

A self-produced product means a kind of dart manufactured by craft or modifying, by size, thickness, weight, an original nerf dart.

Any discoloration of the darts is NOT considered to be self-produced or modified to alter its original operation.

Remember that the only usable darts are the original Nerf darts.

Can I use Italian mimicry equipment and object currently in use, other than jackets and pants?

No, any kind of garment, equipment, doll or party outfit may present such a mimicry.

I am in the Autocombustione. Can I build a flamethrower that shoots objects that are flames?

No. It is not permitted to introduce weapons and / or equipment that are not regulated in the game area. It is, however, permissible and pleasing to construct inert flaming reproductions, which will only be treated as scenic objects.

What is the overlapping of the armor categories? What is meant by “what’s underneath”?

By superimposing two categories of armor, the one with the highest armor value is counted in full, the category with the lowest armature value will instead be counted in half.

Example: A tactile vest with iron plate, it will contain 100% iron + 50% leather.

A bracelet with rigid plastic and rubber, will contain 100% rigid plastic + 50% rubber.

Will it be possible to sleep at Campo Presidium?

Yes, Citizen! You will be able to take a normal tent and sleep in the Off Game (OG) area, where you will be all out of the game area and you will not be able to stick or interact with other characters, or prepare an In Game (IG) tent To have fun 24 hours a day! Obviously, any IG tent needs to be adequately aged.

There will be a catering during the event?

Yes! Staff at Campo Praesidium will prepare hot and cold meals and will serve drinks. In addition, the Morgana Elisir stand will supply you with beer and alcoholic beverages (whose sale will of course be forbidden for children under 18).

Can I drive my fantastic post-apocalypse car around the game area?

Find out all about it in the Game Regulation.

I will be 16 years and 364 days on April 28, can I attend the event?

No. You must be 17 years.

Can I get a quest with the cat symbol?

No, for the reasons that everyone knows.

I have a very original idea! My PG has found a book about XXX and has decided to inspire XXX.

Spoiler: It’s not an original idea.

I want to believe in a different god, can I?

Everyone is free to believe in what he wants, but the cults widespread in a prominent and official way in our setting are Saint Curie and Inner self combustion, much less the Worship of the Mother of the Wounds of the Brides. Every other cult (bound to true religions or fictitious) is probably known only by you or by your group and completely forgotten by  the Vastness.

Can I be a faithful figure of a cult but not belonging to that faction?

Absolutely yes. The members of the Church of the inner self combustion and the Saint Curie Church (as well as the Tribes of the Brides of the Tears of the Doughters) are true priests or cultist who build their own life on their own cult. Most of the faithful belong to other factions but participate in religious life.
A Prebellum can consecrate his mission to the depiction of mutants with the Holy fire of the Autocombustione, as a Cercaterra may invoke the protection of Saint Curie before a mission or musician of Rapsodia dell’urlo can sing a song to the Mother of Wounds.
The only exception is the worship of the Good Healer, reserved for members of the Gulag of Mercy, for which there are no priests beyond the Seener.

I want to play in Rhapsody of scream … but I can not play anything and sing like a broken bell. Do I have to choose another faction?

Absolutely not! As noted in the description, Rhapsody not only hosts musicians but also ancient music researcher, technicians that pursuing the dream of building lost device or simply music lover that overturn the Postworld looking for a music cassette, a lp or information On an apparently unnamed track. Eddie “Ozzy” does not even know how to handle a guitar, but you will hardly find someone that more than him incarnate the passion for the music of his whole faction.

Can I be an ex member of a faction?

Certainly but not all factions are clubs from which you can freely leave. Also, it is difficult to leave the protective roof of their group in a wild place like the Postworld. There are, however, factions from which you can leave freely enough (Rhapsody, Iris, Seraglio, Prebellum and Landseeker), leaving the others easily means die.
However, do not abuse this possibility, you are likely to have a stereotypical and trivial background (“oh … another ex Landseeker, let’s put it close to the group of four ex Seraglio members who are now stainless heroes …”).

And if would we be independent?

It is possible to interpret characters who prefer to keep away from factional loops (the Dried Dogs). Nevertheless, always consider the factions as protection, security, and unity. Living alone means being easy targets for Postworld’s anger and not having access to the benefits that a member of a faction has at its disposal.

We are organizing a group, can we have members affiliated to different factions?

Of course, it is in fact recommended in a reality like that of Rust and Dust to have as many friends as possible. It is also possible to have factional characters in the same group with an open fable (inner self combustion and Santa Curie, or Hyenas and Brides), of course the characters must have a reason for their tolerated coexistence.

I want to play Heston Moses Uncle, can I?

No, character’s backgrounds can not be tied to that Non-Playing Characters ones.

Every character must have a background? And Groups?

Players are not obliged to write the story of their character. It will be the game itself to define it, this obviously does not mean that the staff is not ready to answer any of your questions or help you better contextualize your survivor’s story.
For groups it is obligatory to write a background (no poems, just a few lines) to send to the mail of the staff rustanddust.larp@gmail.com

Can I create a character that remembers the Postworld?

No, the Postworld has existed for too many decades and no one is so old that he really lived it. This has only contributed to the mitigation of what the world was before the end.

I wont to roll a karakter with deutch ya! Uber funny! Can I?

In the gaming environment you can play in Italian language. It is possible to know the English language (Forgotten Language) or a few words in the languages ​​that once populated the world. However, a cure is required in the interpretation of a different idiom that is superior to the rendering of an artificial or comic dialect. This is for two different reasons:

SETTING: The mortality and the loss of large communications networks have bring humankind to increasingly resort to a single language, native to most of the population in the area where Rust And Dust is set (which in our game we simulate with the Italian language). The passage of decades and generations has led to a gradual disappearance of languages ​​and dialects, with only rare exceptions coming from extraordinarily closed outposts and with very few external contacts.
However, the texts of Rapsodia’s songs, writings and some signs still contain fragments of what is called Forgotten Language (English) or even of other little-known languages. The closed outpost of Port Gaunt boasts of being the last guardian of the Language. As a result, you can interpret a character who knows some English words or speaks it correctly (as long as you know how to do it and that does not translate into a ridiculous English lord accent).

Learn more about the setting in Port Gaunt.

ROLEPLAY: Experience teaching how to play by simulating a language or dialect that is not really known leads to the emergence of stereotyped characters from the strong comic tones that quickly run out. The Neapolitan Landseeker or the Sardinian Bride do not find space in a dark and dramatic setting like Rust And Dust.
Similar example applies to the simulation of foreign languages ​​or accents. Using a “tovarich” every two words does not make a Russian, it just creates a comic spot. The only exception that is allowed to play a character who knows a language different from the common one is when the player himself fluently speaks the language and motivated the choice with background motifs.

There are books in the Postworld? People can read them?

The books are there, but they are not very widespread. Books often become objects of exchange and research, but more for enriched collectors than for the average man in search of survival only. Consider how most people in the world can not read or write, and a book is just an awkward and annoying weight.

Rad City is where Italy was?

No: The exact location of Rad City is unclear, but surely in that part of the world that was English.