From 25th to 28th of April 2019 the doors of Rad City will open at Campo Presidium in Nettuno (RM). A magnificent are that is well suited to our setting: you can play in the middle of destroyed camps, car wrecks (and coaches), gas stations, a real CRUSHED PLANE and much, much more. The playing area is really great (about 90,000 sq. M.), So be prepared for a live dynamic and unpredictable!

The owners of the field have proven to be absolutely aligned with our high standards of quality for the event, and we are sure that from the collaboration of these two entities only excellence comes.

For doubts and questions we obviously invite you to write to us, and if you want to know more about Campo Presidium go to visit their Facebook page, like it and enjoy the photos of the location. I’m sure that some of you are already imagining what can be done in many places…

Campo Praesidium is located in Via Santa Maria Goretti 85, in Nettuno (RM)