“I lived in Smile of Sun. Beautiful name, or not? Some funny people have given this name, I tell you. It was a hellish heat, nothing grew, and the wind cut off your face the night. But it was home. I was sad when it blows up. The life. If it hadn’t been night, we would not even notice the heat of the flames exploding in a fireball “

– Fars, Prebellum, survived the Massacre of the Sun.

“And so I ran away. Can you blame me? The tyrant is … if you have never met him, I cannot describe it. Let’s just say the most cruel and horrible human being a woman has ever pulled out of her body. Yes, bleeding is a bore, but my friend … I survived the Slaughter Arenas. This Rad City will be a walk, in comparison! “

– Bride’s Liczenia, who died during Rad City’s bleeding.

“I do not belong here. I belong to the Festival. I return from Festival with music and songs for Director. Then together beautiful melody and stones celebrate. “

– Oort, of the Festival.

Outposts are all that remains of the human race after the disasters of the Last War. Sometimes huge and languishing of life, in other cases small agglomerations where mutants hopelessly try to survive.


Outposts generally come close to some sources of livelihood for human life: an uncontaminated source of water, fertile soil, or a resistant and defensible area. Each one offers a unique advantage over the nightmare of predators and famine which is the Postworld.

However, it would be imprecise to say that all outposts are physical structures: some are nomad camps moving to place in search of resources and tranquility, such as the infamous Caravan or the Festival, which hosts mutants and absurd beasts. These “Moving Outposts” are key to maintaining active communications and business, and generally bring riches and knowledge to the most isolated from the world.


In the world of Rust And Dust there is only one rule: or you are useful, or die. As a result, no one is defective, and even the little ones must be doing to bring benefits to the community. A child can always catch a lizard, or skim a mouse, or kill other rival children. Most of the outposts are guided by a warlord with enough followers and weapons to protect him, but other more enlightened are ruled by an elders council or sometimes by a democracy. Hardly these last survive for a long time.

The attacks of marauder and Mutants are some of the greatest problems of the outpost, in addition to the constant lack of food and water. It is not unusual for a single Outpost to be captured several times by several forces over the course of a few months, and every different boss impose his barbaric habits to the submissive populations.


Of all the different “civilized” places known, some stand out for their high longevity. Tusk City is a curious city where wild boars are at the heart of everything: the enormous animal enclosures provide fur, flesh, and even good fangs for hunters’ spears. No one knows how they have captured so many or where to find food to get them out, but it works well and the city is pretty prosperous.

Equally rich, but far less happy, is Slaughter. Formerly an industrial conglomerate, it is now held with iron fist by the infamous Tyrant, an apparently immortal man who has a strong bond with the Seraglio. The cruel despot runs the whole city like a huge arena, where everyone can have what they want as long as they are struggling to do so. His elite warrior, the Tyrant’s Mastiffs, are terrifying brutes capable of being rivaled with Trauma Korps. A rumor that has so far not been reflected in reality.

Mandala is quite different: the spiritual seat of the Iris has been run for years by a series of elderly people known as the Ragiveda. Violence inside the city is completely banished, but life is far from rosy. The Ragiveda practiced human sacrifice to please their mysterious gods and the attacks of predators and mutants are rejected with the most terrible techniques, such as suicide bombers or poisoned corpses to give to the cannibals as a meal.

Nobody knows exactly how many outposts there are and what the nightmare life awaits its inhabitants.

one thing is certain though; all over the world, from the largest cities to the tiniest convoys, people talk about the most powerful Outpost, protected by the legendary Trauma Korps.

And sooner or later, everyone wants to leave for Rad City.