“I have enough of you! The Holy, the Flames … I do not care! Stop screaming! If you have a problem … it’s inside that you’ll fix it! “

– Diana Sig Sauer, Rady’s Stygia

Pandemonium is the popular justice hall of Rad City. The only area of ​​the city where the violence between the citizens is not only tolerated, but absolutely wanted and motivated, is a perfect blend between the brutality of the Postworld and the desire of law and order of Trauma Korps.


From the beginning, Rad City was a bellicose place. Never before the opening of the city the Postworld had seen so many people gathered together so differently: the Outpost tended to be closed, isolated and contacts with other agglomerations were often violent and always guided by prejudices. Moses’ dream of peaceful coexistence was not easy to apply to proud warriors, psychic cannibals, and paranoid mutants. Every day something went wrong: an insult, a bride who looked badly at a hyena, followers of the Saint Curie and the Flame who contended for their religious contrasts. The Trauma Korps were mostly involved with bleeding and in any case they were trying to stay as neutral as possible, but the number of deaths was intolerable. At first it was thought to set up a sort of local police formed by the same Citizens, but the idea was soon discarded: this was not Slaughter. Moses wanted to keep people free, using Dallas men only for the most serious crises. No, there must be a better solution, and Malabranca was once again resolved what the Mayor was not able to handle. Citizens, he said, needed a vent valve. Rad City needed a role to solve diatribes. Here comes the Arena.


The idea behind Pandemonium was brutally simple: the two (or more) opponents entered. They fight until one of them fails. Or don’t die. Whoever wins is right. It worked: Suddenly, violence almost completely subsided, as now those who wanted could challenge the opponent and show his strength in front of the companions, a greater satisfaction than a furtive knife to avoid the Trauma’s anger. Likewise, the most cowardly among the citizens felt more exposed, without the violent fringe on their feet free to attract the attention of the authorities. The thing was fine, thanks to the presence of Diana Sig Sauer. She was a Prebellum entry to Rad City during the First Bleeding, which Malabranca had noted for ferocity and ability: the Devil knew very well that he could not propose himself as Pandemonium’s administrator, a role too obvious for one like him. But Diana was a respected and passionate warrior and knew how to embark on a show. Once again, Malabranca’s analysis turned out to be correct: with the honorary title of Stygia, Diana has so far run the Rad City Arena in impeccable fashion. Currently, Pandemonium is an institution of Rad City, so it is constantly promoted as a method to smooth the divergences. Rarely the clashes inside are deadly, and sometimes it is the city itself to provide for the care of the disadvantaged in turn if they think he has provided a good show. Inside, sometimes Rhapsody organizes concerts and rave and not rarely the Mayor uses it for his comedy. Life and death are decided on dust, at Rad City. Do you have the courage to fight in front of Citizens and assert yourself?


Pandemonium is the only Rad City indoor area where you can fight against another Citizen. The reasons may be multiple and your game will be established: you can agree with your opponent the conditions of victory (first blood, surrender, time, etc etc) as long as the Stygia accepts them. If you are among the public, you will surely find someone ready to receive your cases for a bet on the winner … always admitted that you are not the one who organizes! Don’t be afraid to fight, but remember that your life is at stake, so try to win at any cost! Glory and death await equally, among the walls of the Pandemonium.