Every grimace of Brandy’s sorrow and groan piercings your soul and conscience. You can’t afford everything to go in the worst way, it’s too important to arrive all together healthy and save to Rad City and you don’t want to see another of your friends die.

You get a close look to the Prebellum and point out the caravans of the Ardents that seems to have happened just in time, as if it were a sign that luck has not yet completely abandoned you.

Ask to Beth to remain with Brandy while you and Lance are going to bargain. Intentionally ignore the Bride’s protests, liquidating her protest quickly and resulting in another mourning of mixed anger pain. Also agree that in case of obvious danger, given by your numerical and offensive inferiority, they can freely rescue with one of the bikes and leave them there.

As you approach the caravan, you realize that you never have been too much desperate. You feel that if they asked you to humiliate you would do that, if your insights were wrong you would not even have the time to react and would get a glimpse into the dusty ground in a while. Do you think you’re going voluntarily to deliver yourself to death while covering the last few meters before you approach, while the Military Shockers are aiming you.

Turn off the bike. Get your hands up. Lance takes the initiative.

– We’re here to bargain

– … and we are here to sell!

A voice is heard behind the row of arms lowering.

A low, awkward man emerges from the guard group and approaches you.

Contrary to all those who turn to the Vastness, recognize that the person is tanned in a very bizarre manner: a tattered blue fur vest, a yellow shirt with a beaded collar and a violet cloth hand around the neck on which stands the crimson symbol of the Internal Self Combustion frame the little man. But what’s more amazed and makes you angry at the same time is the fact that he’s damned fat.

-I’m Hector Bennimar, Merchant of the Church of the internal self combustion. We have weapons, food, other weapons, useful information, weapons, some bland medicine and weapons to finish again. All at the right price for the right exchange!

Lance give a hint of a smile of obvious relief and comes down from the bike, you do the same and both approach to them.

Ask for antibiotics for a wounded companion, but the merchant shakes his head: he only has disinfectants, some bandages and suture wire. Not so much as you expected but still enough to continue the march. Hector himself offered to stitch Brandy’s wound, after a payment, but kindly decline the invitation, you don’t trust the stocky hands and the business anger of the man.

Then one of the men in the red dog head gets a word.

-Those is not the one-eye person that the hyenas are looking for?


Your first instinct is stretching your hand to the Shocker, but you already know that the battle is going to be lost.

-I know, that’s why the right price rises. They run with a mutant wound, and a slight hope of survival is all they have. Thank you for the fact that there is a Prebellum with him, I have a debt with a certain Galvax and I swore that I would never deny a deal with one of his people.

Hector’s sudden response mixed to a fun laugh hurts more than a bullets storm. At least you are grateful that the giant with whom you have faced part of your trip is healthy and somewhere safe in Rad City.

Pay as much as possible: ten cases, three boxes of meat, and the unloaded Centipede, along with pride. An armed robbery would be cheaper.

The merchant before leaving you makes a final comment.

– You’re all dead then I can tell you for free. The territories of the Hyena are vast but limited, and in particular this border with Rad City. There is a covenant of non-belligerence once crossed the border, maybe your partner die and you survive from those looking for you! Thank you, come back to buy from us as soon as possible!

Anger pervades you, you want to punch that fat and hateful face, but you can’t do it differently and turn away.

-You, squint-eye! Rad City is on the other side! Do you really want to die?

The red-dog-heads ridicule you and you have no idea what you are holding back from losing control, but at least you know for sure what you’ve seen in the distance.

Come back faster than you can to where you left the women and begin to medicate Brandy.

As you make the point of the situation: beyond the boundary of the territory of the Hyena there is Rad City. They are looking for you, so the area will surely be patrolled. A good way to go further is to take advantage of the early lights in the morning taking advantage of the tiredness of the patrols, on this agree all of them, in addition the cure are just delaying the inevitable, you have to hurry up.

After a few hours of rest your journey start again.

 At the sunset, in the distance, see what seems to be the last obstacle before salvation.

Once you decide camping to wait for the night, Brandy crashes to the ground.

Beth immediately throws himself on his body to ascertain the conditions.

-He has high fever, forced travel has aggravated the wound, we need to disinfect again and change the bands.

While Lance prepares the zone, quietly helps Beth to cure her companion.

She is suddenly beginning to talk.

-She has always been inclined to get sick, probably because of the mutation. Every small wound needs more time to heal. Even the first time I met her was one step away from death. She was fleeing from a couple of family members, as she had told me, she had just completed a Sister’s recovery operation in not knowing slaves refuge. I made out those two bastards who were hunting her purely for sympathy, and as soon as she approached to thank me, she fell as a few minutes ago. From that day we cover each other with each other, it’s great to have someone to count on.

 Beth’s words warm your heart for a second, then you realize that time is little and there is a lot to do.