Dommie will give you a hand. You are strong enough, and Masha is probably crazy. The tiny, graceful boy can help you with wounds and illnesses, and you’re pretty sure you also have less desire of you to stay here.

Approaching it is not easy: Dommie is as dodgy and circumspect as everyone else, but like everyone else is hungry. You lack a bit of your food to buy his trust, and he eats and looks at you. Days later, when you think you have reached the necessary confidence, expose your desire to escape.

Rarely someone smiles, in the prisons of the Family, but Dommie does.

“About time too, damn it, it was time for someone to show some initiative! I’m in, buddy! For the Good Healer, I knew it was just a matter of time! When we start?

The enthusiasm of the little one is … too much? I suspect, definitely. But now he’s in: you can kill him or trust him, and decide that the first option is definitely too risky. You’re dancing, so … dancing.

Ask Dommie if he has ideas, yet, the preparation of the young man makes you bewildered.

“Certainly,” he replied, tracing the lines on the sand using the finger, “is simple. Tonight, Ghigno makes the first watch, and as you know when he gets hungry he hits us to give our dinner breaks. But this time I will offer it … a nice piece of bread with a powder found in the last raid. Eheheheh …

Your mood does not improve as you wish while your new friend continues to illustrate the plan.

– The seizures will start after a few seconds. That will be the time you kill him. Yes, I know you have a knife. Plan it in the neck or spine. He won’t shout and die. Then you’ll pick the keys and open the door. I expect everyone would get away. It will be our chance to get us undisturbed. So everyone will try to take Galvax, big and strong as it is. No one will take care of little Dommie … or your friend, obviously. Eheheheh …

Now you understand. With cold awareness. You didn’t have to ask for help from Dommie, he was waiting for a stupid volunteer for a while like you to escape. You bite your lips, frustrated both for the feeling of having been fucked and because the doctor seems to have really thought of everything. Continue to explain you while is tracing a landing path in the ground, avoiding blockage and passing through forests and secondary roads. Fuck, he’s good. All right, you follow him … with both eyes open. After he has finished to explaining the plan, ask him the only thing he didn’t tell you: where do you go when you run away?

– Well friend, I actually thought it was obvious … for the healer, I do not believe it! Did not you go there too?

Shake your head incredulous.

– Rad City, friend! Everyone goes there! There is no other secure city, everyone knows it! Out there … well, this is fucking. Didn’t you receive the invitation? Haven’t Trauma Korps come to your outpost to tell you to leave?

The stories of the extravagant end of your home. Dommie shrugs.

– Oh well … it does not matter. Let’s do this, let’s get out alive I’ll tell you all, okay? Now go to sleep … tonight, my friend, we’ll be free!

It’s so annoying for you to admit again that Dommie is smarter than you, but that’s exactly right. Ghigno regularly enters the cell, the healer provokes him and picks up a beard in the face, but the bastard bites. Like a consummate actor, Dommie gives him the bread he holds in his pocket. Ghigno eats it. Few seconds later, you squat his neck by keeping it tight across the bars. Take the keys. Escape All Out …

… all except one. Masha stays in her corner, sitting, looking at you while she smiles.

– Good luck guys. Do not worry about me, my sisters are coming. Who knows … maybe we’ll meet again.

The greetings of the girl who fought and killed with you makes you feel stunned, but you don’t have time to reflect. Galvax begins to break away, laughing at your agitators still stunned by sleep and the Glitter of Moon: at first breaks the neck with bare hands, the second gets up and takes a whip in the face, when he falls to the ground, he has no face.

Between him and others who are afraid, nobody notices you: you are about to launch into the woods when you see a couple of Shocker loaders on a corpse and take them. A clever move, but risky: the time you lose makes a member of your family assault you, kneading on your hand.

It hurts your face and arm before you can block it and plant your knife in one eye. He falls to the ground screaming, and only then do you realize that Dommie has watched everything without moving a finger.

– Well, you were good! – congratulations grinning – I would be sorry to run away alone. Let’s go, I’ve already picked them up!

Escape in the night, and behind you let yell and slaughter.

The next morning you stop, exhausted , in the middle of the trees who knows where. Dommie lies near you and looks at your wound in your face.

 – It’s nothing, friend, a few points will suffice. Be good and let me work.

From the pocket take wire and a small metal needle that sterilizes with a lighter. Where the hell will he take them? How much does he have? Once again, you can only admire your young opportunist companion. He recovers painfully as he tells of his life before The Family: Training at the Gulag Hospital, the transition to A-Doctore, the departure to Rad City and the capture. When he’s finished telling you, he ripped in the best way, just in time because you can jump at the noise of someone out of the undergrowth. Take the Shockers, just to calm you down when you see him: covered with his own blood, iron tube in his hand, a calm and secure smile. Galvax found you.

– Guys.
– How the hell did you get to reach us? Dommie shakes for the first time, not in control of the situation. – Still believe me an idiot, right? Wrong. I gladly covered the escape … but I did not lose sight of you a second. Are you going to Rad City? Well, I’ll be there too. I’m pretty sure I’ll be useful to you. You seem to be even more stupid than Galvax. You wonder how you’ve survived so far, then you remember that in fact it’s not that you went so well. Caressing your patched cheek, ask your new comrades what to do now. Dommie again begin to trace line on the sand. It’s actually simple. By pure lucky or for our own sake, the Family has moved more and more near to Rad City, so much so that we are no more than a few days of walking. The only problem is that there is a ground to cross … the only area devoid of dangers and enemies, and I really want to avoid falling into someone’s hands. Both of you agree. The problem is that the territory we have to the passage is divided into two: on the one hand, the followers of Saint Curiè, those fool mutant-kissing, on the other the fools of that new religion, the Church of the Inner self combustion. They say Saint Curiè welcomes all the pilgrims, so it is probably the safest path … but this Church respects the strength and purity, and as far as I know none of us is Radiative. Maybe it’s the best choice … – There is a third option – Galvax intervenes. I saw them as I came here. A Rapping Rave of Rhapsody. You know very well that you are talking about. Rhapsody members are crazy but fun, always wandering between an outpost and the other in search of their music and new experiences. True, they are often welcomed by everyone … but are these religious fanatics going to think like you?