Hot. So so hot.

You didn’t remember a muggy weather like this for a long time. It doesn’t blow a breath of wind, and even the shade of trees does not offer you refreshment. And then, don’t  get too close to the vegetation. There are legends that talk about sleeping men at their feet and awakened with their fingers fused together. Sure, it looks like a story from Vastness, something absurd. But better not risk, right? Whoever takes unnecessary risks out there is stupid, and you know it well … or at least you think to know it. Now would you like to have more experience, right? Well, you don’t have it. You’ve spent your early years in an Outpost and you’ve never left. A sewer hole, but it was YOUR sewer hole, and you were fine. Clean water. A good hunting area. Someone even managed to put on decent cultivation and grown edible plants.

Then … then.

You never asked what kind of sound came from a skull crushing. Now you can’t forget it. You woke up in the night, you came out of the common dorm and saw it. Huge, covered with bubbles, naked and with no hair all over the body. She had your father’s body in hand. You didn’t particularly like him, that old mutantcunt, but you would never see him dying in that way. Crack. The head split by a bite. Crack, crack. Brains and dangling bone. Your old continued to moan all the time while the mutant ate his face.

Bad story. A death you didn’t want, no if you didn’t want it, damn it!

And then fuck everything. Fuck the outpost, the family, the companions. You just wanted to survive. You grabbed a backpack, you throw in a bottle of water, a bit of dried meat and your shocker with two chargers, and you ran away. The screams of your brothers who were chewed up still accompany you today, but hey, are you alive right? Too bad for them.

Yeah, pity for them. But at least their death was quick. Will yours be so painless? The water is over on the first day, the meat the second. And now? You have not found another outpost, or a someone to ask for help. As if you can trust someone. If there’s anyone out here, just try one thing, believe me … YOU. You have a soft meat, a decent shocker and zero combat experience. I don’t see you too favorite, my friend … Three days have passed, boy. The empty stomach and the incessant heat are a bad combination. You would do anything for a sip of water, even contaminated … what could be worse than this, mh? Then you see it. Distant. They will be 150 meters, 200 at most. A man, imposing physicist and worn out clothes. Powder on boots, dust on pants … damn it, it looks all dusty. Who knows what’s out there. He has a Shocker, and he looks a lot better than yours. And a backpack. Will there be any food in it? Are you sure you are. And water. And maybe ammo. And best of all, the asshole SLEEP.

Who can be so stupid to fall asleep in the middle of the street? This is an invitation to get killed, obviously … or will it be a trap? Maybe he’s awake and ready, and he just waits for an unprepared like you in order to have a nice pair of new pants.

Of course, there is also the chance that if you approach him amicably, warning him that you have no bad intentions, he will thank you for some food and introduce you to his friend … but let’s mean, who would do it? Would you do it? Maybe, maybe not … does it make sense to be kind in the Vastness?