“Good morning, Citizen. You do not have to worry. Do you have the card? Mostramela. Oh, do not strive. I get it. The pocket of the jacket. Good. Yes, it’s okay. Smiles, Citizen. Everything is alright. We are here for you. “

– Nomad Nine, TraumaSoldat

“The first group will follow me. We will leave as soon as the sun rises. Three hours of walking in the Vastness, then we will be in sight of the Mutants Camp. Your goal is to recover the stocks that have stolen us. Killing them, or letting them live, I don’t care. It only counts the mission. Those who come first will be reported for an extra fuel ration. The last one will return to Rad City barefoot. “

– Jackie Five, Traumasoldat

“At any time, whatever you do, there is only one thing you have to remember: we are watching you. If you are in Rad City, if you are crawling or hopping, if you are chasing or scratching, if you’re just thinking of yawning, we’ll know. Nine Millimeters. We’re never far behind that. “

– Carter Dallas, TraumaKommander

Wrapped in a thick coat of mystery and terror, Trauma Korps are the guardians of Rad City and the defenders of Citizens. Absolutely loyal to Mayor Moses and determined to obsession, they represent the legacy of a nightmare, but are necessary to ensure a better future.


For the people of the vastness, Trauma Korps are just a legend to tell to the kids when they become too harassing. What is certain is that they exist for a long, long time. Some say even from the time of the World gone and that they are direct heirs of elite forces now forgotten. Someone says that, in the early years of the Postworld Trauma were very active. A lethal force that fought for a warlord now for another, impossible to buy but easy to disappoint. They never stayed too long on one front: their contribution to an army was enormous, given their frightening superiority of experience and equipment, but for some reason they were tired and without a word abandoned the people they served.


Over the years, the Trauma Korps appearances became rare and almost never pleasant. Sometimes they were met by groups of Landseeker far away from home, and sometimes they saved missed convents. Almost never approached an outpost. They never talked. Then, suddenly, they came back to visit outposts. Dozen. Inviting people to go to Rad City. Their return was seen as a kind of miracle or apparition, as very few of the survivors remembered distinctly that they had ever met them. Some groups responded with hostility to their request, but came in an instant subdued and returned to the order. Many noticed that, even under direct attack, the Trauma avoided where possible the lethal force. There was no doubt their direct intervention was the major cause of Rad City’s popularity: anyone who wanted to sleep protected by these formidable soldiers and consequently, thousands of people headed for the mysterious Outpost. What they found there, however, was not exactly what they expected …


Entering Rad City was not a thing for everyone: the Trauma Korps personally took over the terrible access trials known as Bleeding, to skim through the masses of beggars from the few worthy of the City. These tests were often of combat, sometimes of mechanics or medicine, never simple. The one who failed was removed or killed if the evidence had severely damaged him in the body and in the spirit. If the Trauma felt pity for the trampled hopes and the screwed lives, there was no leak behind their white masks.


Every TraumaSoldat is a provisional soldier, whose abilities have been refined for years in the Vastness. They are coated with durable armor and carry the features of gas-mask covering their face and protecting them from radiation, whose whitish color resembles a skull that is abandoned to the sun. They seize extraordinary weapons, including an incredible number of Realweapons. Equally important, each of them is poured into the art of medicine as the best Gulag Doctor, and it is said that there is no wound that these terrible men can’t cure.


Whoever your PG is, remember that for you, Trauma Korps are fearsome, terrifying, superhuman opponents. Even the most scattered dog of Seraglio or the fiercest Hyena would never face them, knowing that a violent death would be the only result of the clash. Nonetheless, the Trauma Korps are not invincible, so if you really want to try and fight them no one will stop you. After all, there are worse ways to commit suicide, at Rad City.

At the game level, Trauma figures will act as referee, so they will be in charge of regulating the biggest clashes and enforcing the rule when necessary. To ensure the greatest possible immersion, all these actions will be performed in Game, but remember: Disobeying a Trauma always leads to terrible punishments. When your PG dies, if no Citizen shed in medical arts will succeed in intervening in time, the Trauma Korps will intervene, take it and bring it to their neighborhoods. We strongly advise not to obstruct Trauma while performing this function, also because there is no reason for it. They are at the service of the city and unmatched doctors. Surely your friend could not finish in better hands … right?